Data Management Services

Our Data Management Team focuses on helping our customers analyze, manage, and optimize their databases. When an analysis is complete, customers receive a clear, prioritized step-by-step database optimization plan to keep their systems running more efficiently 24/7.

Regular database maintenance is an absolute necessity. If our customer does not have the needed skills on staff, the McLeod data management team can manage and perform scheduled database maintenance and any administration tasks for any customer, on a spot basis or as an ongoing service.

Business Continuity Planning and DRP

In the face of a major disaster, floods, hurricanes, fires, or other physical disruptions, many of our customers need to get their systems back up and running before the outage can damage their business. Our disaster recovery planning (DRP) service can help customers develop a comprehensive plan to deal with every possible contingency. McLeod’s professional services team has years of experience helping our customers with disaster recovery events and business continuity planning services.

Help Desk and Maintenance Agreements

McLeod offers our customers two flexible options for support after their system Go Live event - a Help Desk Agreement or a Help Desk and Maintenance Agreement. The Help Desk Agreement is for live assistance for trucking software support, plus tips, shortcuts, suggestions or direction when the customer needs it. 

With our Help Desk plus Maintenance Agreement, our customers receive the license to upgrade once each year to the latest version of their LoadMaster dispatch software or PowerBroker trucking software without any additional license fees. Our customers who choose to maintain one of these support agreements pay no class fees for any of their staff to attend our Advanced LoadMaster and PowerBroker Training classes held at McLeod’s Birmingham or Salt Lake City offices.

Customer Advocate Program

McLeod has a team of senior managers who serve as “customer advocates”. Their mission is to regularly visit with our existing customers and help them assess how well they are using their McLeod systems, where their opportunities for doing more with their systems lie, and how they can achieve those gains. The insight and years of experience our customer advocate visits bring to each customer give them a boost in gaining new value from their McLeod systems long after the first year of learning how to use the solution.

McLeod's 24-7 Web Support

McLeod Software’s Customer Web Site is open 24/7 to support our software customers and deliver the product related materials they are looking for. Our customers who register can access basic LoadMaster and PowerBroker “how to” information any time. The contents of this site include:

  • Documentation Center – In this section, customers have access to all Manuals, Release Notes and Product Profiles.
  • Accounting Guide – A series of detailed financial “how to” guides on a variety of topics such as: Go Live procedures, Bank Reconciliation, Billing & Accounts Receivable, Settlement and General Ledger.
  • Tutorials – Focused tutorials on specific functional areas of McLeod’s software products. Customers can start and stop each session and train at their own pace.
  • Customer Forum – McLeod Software has established an internet based customer forum within our customer web site so that our customers can share tips, ideas and best practices. The Customer Forum is helpful and easy to use. Hundreds of our current customers participate.
  • Training – We maintain detailed information about every training offering and all of the planned training programs on our schedule for customer viewing.

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