After Hours Emergency Support

Members of McLeod’s staff are available to assist all customers with urgent issues requiring immediate attention (an “Emergency”) after normal working hours (7:00 am – 5:30 pm CST), weekends, and holidays. This support is available 365 days a year.

The telephone number listed below can be used to request assistance. This number will connect you to an answering service. The answering service will collect contact information and pass it on to a member of the McLeod staff on call.

Service fees apply for use of this after hours support coverage, and minimum service level of a one hour charge also applies if we go to work during the off hours period. However these After Hours / Emergency charges and rates only apply to the actual work that is performed outside of McLeod’s normal working hours or days. Time spent on the same incident during normal working hours will be billed at standard non-emergency rates or may be covered in your current Help Desk coverage contract with McLeod.

For issues that come up after hours that are not urgent or do not require immediate attention (not an “Emergency”), you have the option of leaving a voice message, sending email, or waiting until the next business day to call.

After Hours Emergency Contact Number:

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