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LoadMaster LTL is a complete business solution for operations and accounting.


First & Final Mile, the Pickup and Delivery Solution

LoadMaster LTL gives your planners the ability to visually plan outbound trailers, through a simple drag and drop process, and set schedules for deliveries plus the driver’s known pickups on that route for the day. The planning process driven with McLeod’s Capacity Manager ensures that carriers get the best possible outbound density and the best sequencing to minimize pedal miles. Revenue by movement is also transparent for each day’s plan.


Running a More Efficient Cross Dock

Complete visual management of the dock with LoadMaster LTL helps carriers minimize movement, direct cross, and minimize yard traffic while preventing loading errors. Using LoadMaster LTL’s mobile device for dock workers, along with the systems visualization for doors and lot planning, plus real-time movement control within the facility all combine to give carriers a new level of efficient freight management inside the dock. 


Effectively Using Interline Partners

By automating partner assignments and rating for regions, carriers can use their network to scale the coverage and service they offer customers. At the same time, LoadMaster LTL’s rating automation provides correct splits for pricing and billing. Being able to efficiently and accurately work with your partners for P&D, or full trailer exchange points, helps carriers reap the value of their network to serve customers.


What Our Customers Say

Dan Calkins of Sutton Transport shares their experience with McLeod Software and LoadMaster LTL.



Speed Up the Billing Process

The LoadMaster LTL Mobile App for Drivers will speed up a carrier's billing process by capturing and pushing documents to the billing team earlier in the day. This head start on billing can help carriers ensure they will make the planned cut time every day.


Fast and Accurate Rating

Flexible tariff-based rating configured for each customer, including detailed assessorial charges are automated in LoadMaster LTL through its rating engine.  The SMC3 and D83 data necessary to automate the Czar discounts and the partner elements of rating and splits is built-in.


Help Your Drivers Succeed

Employing the visual planning tools in LoadMaster LTL, outbound route planning for P&D creates an efficient and clear plan for every trip. Then the plan and its details are available in each driver’s Mobile App and connected to the system, so changes are easy to communicate and the real-time status of every driver’s work is highly visible. They can view their current and pending settlement information through the handheld device or their individual Driver Portal via the web.


Better Line Haul Planning and Management

McLeod’s Capacity Manager, an integral part of LoadMaster LTL, ensures that the line haul operations will have the right capacity at the right time. And the need for additional capacity in the form of brokered truckloads will be visible earlier in the process to get the best possible rates for those carrier lanes and routes.


Smart Capacity Planning

The visual planning capability and logic within LoadMaster LTL’s Capacity Manager works for both your P&D and linehaul operations planning process to keep your capacity as lean as possible, while at the same time preventing service failures.


Visibility and Communication for Customers

LoadMaster LTL allows carriers to provide a secure private portal for every customer, so 24 hours a day they can use self-service to generate quotes, schedule pickups, and see the status and location of their freight. McLeod’s integral DataFusion engine provides carriers with a complete set of EDI and API services to allow customers to communicate electronically and automatically, in the background, system to system.


Differentiate with Operations Excellence

The customers, drivers, and partners of carriers using McLeod’s LoadMaster LTL will feel the difference. LoadMaster LTL provides the complete technology solution to elevate an LTL carrier’s efficiency and service levels above the competition.

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