Drive Efficiency with TriumphPay integration

Mitch Hixon, VP of Business Development and Paul Dillon, Senior Sales Engineer, at TriumphPay

Duration: 12 mins

Your day is busy. Whether it’s NOA processing, managing calls from factoring companies, or chasing down paperwork, you have a lot going on. Did you know that TriumphPay can be an extension of your back office?

Set your brokerage up for success in 2020. Learn more about the TriumphPay integration with McLeod Software and affordable financing options provided by TriumphPay (with financing provided by TBK Bank, SSB).

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Emerging Stronger - How Smart Technology is Your Fleet’s Competitive Edge in the COVID-19 Recovery

Duration: 1:00 hr

COVID-19 has disrupted freight transportation in ways never seen before. Still reeling from the freight shift, carriers are grappling with these new challenges.

Our panel of experts from McLeod Software, ORBCOMM and Drivewyze share tips and real life strategies on how fleets are overcoming the current crisis. Featuring Kenny Blankenship, Director of IT and Communications at Skyline Transportation. 

Plus, discover the value of a fully integrated telematics solution and how fleets can use technology to improve utilization, achieve better planning, optimize dispatch operations, and boost driver efficiency and satisfaction. Hear how one fleet is using technology to gain a competitive advantage during these challenging times. You'll learn:

  • What new trends have emerged over the past few months in freight transportation?
  • What technology is helping fleets through times of crisis?
  • Will more fleets embrace digitization and adopt paperless and touchless processes? What can carriers do to streamline that transition?

Smarter Fleet Operations Through Simpler Dispatch

Justin Robelli, VP Operations, Air Capitol Delivery & Warehouse

Duration: 14 mins

As a carrier, your future and competitive edge depends on your ability to successfully use technology to drive real-time decision making. In this webinar, you’ll hear a live testimonial from Air Capitol Delivery & Warehouse, a customer who has built a tailored fleet management solution using both KeepTruckin and McLeod. We’ll cover how through the KeepTruckin and McLeod integration, Air Capitol has streamlined daily tasks to enhance communication between drivers and dispatchers, how they’ve created workflow efficiencies that reduce manual data entry, and how the joint KeepTruckin and McLeod solution has helped them to run a more profitable business.

HubTran & McLeod

Start Your Efficiency Revolution

J. Kevin Green, Executive VP of Finance, and Adrienne Magsino, Manager of Financial Operations, LoadDelivered Logistics

Duration: 15 mins

Hear from J. Kevin Green and Adrienne Magsino of LoadDelivered discuss how HubTran has them processing hundreds more invoices per day with a fraction of the steps. Then find out how you can work 4x faster without mistakes, reduce costs by 60%, and scale up without staffing up.

McLeod and Orbcomm: Benefits of Integrated Dispatch, Asset Tracking and Truck Management

Lina Paerez, Senior Director of Product Marketing and Craig Bond, Product Marketing Manager

Duration: 24 mins

ORBCOMM-LoadMaster integration provides users with comprehensive truck and driver management, reefer monitoring and control and dry van tracking directly in the LoadMaster interface. In this webinar, you will learn the benefits and use cases associated with ORBCOMM’s comprehensive solutions that allow users to comply with ELD and HOS regulations, enhance fleet and driver safety and efficiency, monitor trailer temperature and the state of loads, optimize utilization of transport assets, protect against asset and cargo theft, reduce operational costs and improve delivery predictability.

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