New Capabilities for LoadMaster and PowerBroker in Version 22.1 Release

Version 22.1 for LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker includes new features and additional functionality to enhance your operations and productivity.



McLeod’s private pricing index, MPact, can be accessed from the same screens where users handle their pricing activities every day. Trailer Sharing for LoadMaster allows trailers to be shared between internal companies. Improved dispatch approval functions, borrowing processes and location information let you keep track of all shared trailers. Our integration solutions give our customers more choices. The real-time location tracking of your tractor and trailer is possible with GPS Insight and LB Technology.




The process of electronically offering orders and negotiating just got easier in PowerBroker Version 22.1. Whether you utilize deliver offers in a blast format or individually, PowerBroker also now provides additional enhancements for tracking counteroffers. These features include additional carrier offer statuses, a new brokerage status that is visible in Planning, as well as the ability to respond electronically to counteroffers directly from the email. Build solid carrier relationships by offering loads to carriers that fit their interest and keep them moving. Offer carriers back-to-back loads or continuous moves and include those on the carrier’s current offer. PowerBroker now has a DFM web service integration with Descartes MacroPoint, a single way to source new carriers, view overall market capacity, and automatically match loads to open capacity. The addition of Descartes MacroPoint brings the total number of DFM API partners LoadMaster currently supports to seven different suppliers.

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