Professional Training Classes

McLeod Software offers a variety of training programs and training tracks, all designed to make your team more successful by using your software investment to its fullest potential. Our programs include the McLeod Standard Software System Implementation Training, the McLeod Road Scholars Curriculum, and advanced three-tiered training system, as well as other training resources. Classes are structured, scaled and organized by function to meet the users' experience and needs. We also offer customized classes to meet your specific needs. 

Standard Software System Implementation Training

McLeod recommends that at least one lead Operations individual and one lead Administrative individual from each company attend this class early in the implementation process. We encourage our customers to include several Operations staff members, as well as Accounting, Payroll and Billing personnel who would gain valuable knowledge from this class. Some typical staff members who would benefit from participation in this class include:

  • Operations Managers
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Driver/Fleet Managers and/or Dispatchers
  • Billing and Rating Coordinators
  • Payroll Processing Coordinators
  • Controllers or general Accounting Personnel


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