Implementation & Support

McLeod Software is a full-service company when it comes to helping our customers with implementation and support of their systems. We have over 250 professionals in our organization dedicated solely to this mission.


This is one of the most important elements in any ERP or TMS implementation. McLeod has our customers covered with the full range of options to fit the needs of their staff and their organization.

  • Classroom training is available on a weekly scheduled basis in our Birmingham, AL headquarters office, and on a quarterly basis in our Chicago, IL office.
  • Live remote training classes
  • On-line, self-paced training classes with certification testing
  • On-site training at your facility
  • Specialized one-on-one training at McLeod's annual User Conference
  • Special webinars, seminars, ongoing education, and conferences for our customers on important industry topics that go beyond our software products


Our process engineers and business analysts are available to work with our customers as part of their project to help analyze current business processes and:

  • Make configuration option decisions for deploying our products
  • Identify opportunities for process improvement as part of the project
  • Design and execute modifications to the products when it is essential
  • Train and coach our customers to use the extensive tools native to our systems that allow the creation of simple modifications and the creation of business process automation by the customer’s own development team
  • Use of our extensive open web service APIs to accomplish custom systems integration projects or projects to extend the functionality of the system by the customer’s own development team

Project Management

Every implementation or full system upgrade project is assigned to a McLeod Project Manager who will guide our customer through the process and advise them on best practices for a successful implementation. This person will be the single point of contact to coordinate the work of the people on the McLeod side for the customer's project. They will work with our customer to strive for an on-time and in-budget project.

Change Management

In every TMS implementation, Change Management is a critical success factor. The users of our customer’s system have to fully adopt and embrace the system to accomplish their daily work in order for the project to succeed. McLeod’s Implementation Team will help you understand and coach your Management Team on ways to help your company succeed at managing this necessary change.

Start Up

When it is time to “go live” on a customer’s new McLeod system, and start running the business in the new system, we will be there, on-site, to help your team succeed in the early days of that process.

System Life Cycle Support

McLeod Software offers our customers a long-term support contract for their system that provides updates, patches, and warranty service for the software, access to training services, and live, in person, on shore, help desk support from McLeod experts.

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