mcleod 241With New Product Release, McLeod Software Continues their Commitment to Transform the User Experience

December 18, 2023 – BIRMINGHAM, AL – Today McLeod Software is releasing Version 24.1 of its industry leading PowerBroker and LoadMaster software solutions as well as Version 24 of both DocumentPower and McLeod IQ.


New Capabilities for PowerBroker//web

McLeod Software’s PowerBroker//web is the browser-based user interface for company’s PowerBroker solution. It contains all the tools needed for PowerBroker operations users with intuitive workflows. With the release of Version 24.1, additional features and functionality have been added for this version of the user interface.

Directing Freight Procurement Efforts

Version 24.1 enhancements to the Sales Call List pushes outbound activity into a stronger, well-organized workflow to help the user target the right customers and prospects. Sales activities are organized with filtering options that make it easy to prioritize next steps, wherever a broker is in the sales process.

Smart Pricing Targets with McLeod MPact

The new Smart Targets provide brokers with a competitive edge when it comes to pricing. Powered by McLeod MPact lane pricing analysis, Smart Targets is a new feature users can configure based on current market values from the MPact rate analysis tool to make sure they are basing pricing decisions on the most current market analysis.

Other enhancements to the PowerBroker//web user interface include the addition of PowerBroker’s full waterfall tendering, enhancements for quoting and offers, carrier qualification and onboarding, SMS messaging options, easier management of EDI tenders, and enhancements that make it easier to deal with specific differences between load boards.

McLeod Tailor

With the release of Version 24.1, comes McLeod Tailor. This tool allows PowerBroker//web customers to create and add new fields and logic, change their navigation, and add new tabs to the user interface without assistance from McLeod while maintaining the ability for McLeod to fully support their system.


New Capabilities for LoadMaster

Operational Planning Made Simple

The new LoadMaster LoadMatch tool improves the operational planning process, helping planners and dispatchers plan the right load for every driver, every time.

LoadMaster LoadMatch takes into account driver-specific preferences and requirements, information about available loads, and the driver’s current position and HOS to provide the top 5 eligible orders for each driver. By examining all the critical parameters, such as hours of service, empty distance to the next load, any lane preferences previously established for that driver, and minimum revenue per order, LoadMatch is able to score and rank the top 5 load choices from all the available loads for the fleet the driver is a part of.

This new tool available in LoadMaster Version 24.1 has the potential to help new planners hit the ground running and can help seasoned planners make the best decisions faster than ever. LoadMaster LoadMatch highlights drivers who may be the best choice for certain lanes, or cannot service specific customers, allowing the planning team to optimize driver assignments by examining all those factors concurrently with the driver’s current position and status in an instant.


Enhanced Multicurrency Capabilities for LoadMaster & PowerBroker

The Multicurrency Module for LoadMaster and PowerBroker gives McLeod customers the ability to operate with multiple currencies throughout their system. Users can manage transactions in a functional and transactional currency based on established exchange rates. This includes US Dollars, Canadian Dollars, and Mexican pesos. The enhancements and extensions made in Version 24.1 essentially complete McLeod’s Multicurrency Module capabilities throughout the product by adding essential Accounts Payable and Bank Reconciliation functions.

Multicurrency Settlements

With Version 24.1 for LoadMaster and PowerBroker, the ability to settle in multiple currencies is now available. Users have the option to set a default currency for a payee, and payees can be paid in multiple currency types, if needed.

When dispatching carriers, users can view that carrier’s pay in multiple currencies. Brokers can change the currency a carrier is to be paid in real-time, as well as establish payment amounts in two currencies on one order, if necessary.

Reporting has been enhanced in the Billing and Settlements functions to reflect these multicurrency settlement enhancements. Customer statements show the current amount due, including all the currencies in which the customer has been invoiced. Settlement reports will now display all currencies the payee has been paid in for the given parameters.

For accounts payable, users now have bank account controls with a currency selector to signify which currency the bank account is associated with. If a bank account has been established, and users attempt to change the currency, they will receive a pop-up notification letting them know there are posted transactions with that bank account.


New and Enhanced Integrations for LoadMaster & PowerBroker

There are a number of new integration solutions for LoadMaster and PowerBroker and even more enhancements for existing integration solutions.

New Integration Solutions

  • Darex Solutions ELDRider mobile communications system
  • Bank of Montreal (BMO 80)
  • Chartered Professional Accounts of Canada (CPA 80)
  • Trimble Engage Lane

Enhanced integration Solutions

  • Solera Omnitracs
  • Ring Central telephony
  • Hubtran
  • TriumphPay
  • Platform Science
  • Motive
  • Trimble Transportation
  • Load Board Posting (all supported load boards)
  • ALK Web Mapping
  • PC Miler
  • Manhattan Driver and Load
  • QuickQ Interactive Fuel
  • Comdata Interactive Fuel
  • Highway
  • Assure Advantage
  • CarrierWatch
  • RMIS Carrier Onboarding


McLeod DocumentPower Enterprise Version 24

Support for Progressive Web Apps (PWA) on Mobile Devices

Progressive Web Apps make DocumentPower mobile functions easier and faster to deploy and add the simplicity of a web look and feel for all the functions they provide.

DocumentPower Mobile Image Capture and Short Haul applications have been converted to a PWA for easier deployment and better device support. While these still have the look and feel of a deployed mobile device app, they employ the device’s browser instead of an installed app from the device supplier’s app store that supports that device.

The apps can still be used while offline. Data and Images will be submitted to the server once the device is back online. The apps will automatically update without having to reinstall or update through an app store. Users will always connect to the most up to date current version of the app.

Other expanded capabilities in DocumentPower Enterprise version 24 have enhanced and broadened the ways to deal with color images in the system, tools for cloud-based scanning and document capture from remote workstations, speeding up the rendition billing process, and adding quick pay for carrier invoice processing.


McLeod IQ Version 24

McLeod’s hosted Business Intelligence product, Cloud IQ has been expanded and now has all of the same capabilities as the on-premise version of McLeod IQ. With the release of Version 24, Cloud IQ now offers customers more than 20 updated data reporting templates. These reporting and analysis templates include subjects such as fuel analysis, lane analysis, customer scorecard, driver scorecard, revenue reporting, and much more. Cloud IQ Version 24 is now customizable just like the original on-premise version of McLeod IQ.

Other McLeod IQ enhancements expand the presence and availability of McLeod’s MPact lane and rate analysis tools in the product, offer new time intelligence dimensions to allow more roll ups and broader analysis views, and more ways of measuring financial metrics.

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