Trucker Tools announces Load Track integration with McLeod Software’s PowerBroker

Full-featured integration delivers instant ROI to PowerBroker users

Dec. 1, 2016 — Trucker Tools, provider of the industry-leading smartphone app for owner operators and small carrier drivers with a built-in Load Track connectivity platform for transportation companies, announces integration with PowerBroker, the enterprise-wide brokerage management system from McLeod Software.

The integration brings end-to-end automation to the shipment lifecycle for freight brokers. Besides reporting GPS locations while a shipment is in transit, the fully integrated Load Track solution adds instant driver messaging, most accurate arrival and departure notifications, near real-time ETA status, and more functionality to the user interface and workflows of PowerBroker.

“The integrated Load Track feature offers freight brokerage and logistics companies an immediate payback in terms of improved productivity, operating efficiency and higher customer satisfaction,” said Prasad Gollapalli, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Trucker Tools. “Drivers also appreciate the elimination of manual ‘check calls’ and many other useful features included in the Trucker Tools app to save on fuel costs and better manage their work.”

When load assignments are made in PowerBroker, the assigned drivers are provided a text link on their phones to download the Trucker Tools app if they haven’t downloaded it before. More than 390,000 drivers have already downloaded the app, and with the Load Track integration, shipment tracking in PowerBroker will automatically start and stop and is fully automated end-to-end.

By default, the tracking process begins 24 hours in advance of the pickup appointment to ensure drivers are committed to a load and on schedule. Load Track continuously updates shipment locations every five minutes from Android devices and up to 15 minutes from Apple devices.

As part of the dispatch process, freight brokers can send pickup numbers and fuel discounts to drivers. PowerBroker automatically sends the locations of pickups and deliveries to Load Track to utilize its advanced geo-fencing capabilities for real-time arrival and departure notifications and shipment status updates.

During planned stop events, customizable forms in Load Track can prompt drivers to enter BOL#, Weight, Lumper, Reefer Temp and other shipment details. Additionally, drivers can use Load Track to scan proof-of-delivery documents and provide images to brokers. Images are automatically sent by email and immediately available for download from Load Track’s website.

“McLeod Software’s partnership with Load Track facilitates improved communication and load execution for our PowerBroker customers. With real time location updates using GPS technology, accurate pickup and delivery confirmations, stop-level events and driver-to-dispatcher messaging, many manual phone calls can be eliminated saving hours of time per load,” said Robert Brothers, Manager of Product Development for McLeod Software. “We look forward to working with Load Track to help solve critical business issues for our mutual customers.”

The Load Track integration is included in the base package of PowerBroker versions 15.2 and up with zero activation costs. Pricing is significantly more cost-effective than competing products in the market, starting as low as $1.05 per load for freight brokers with high volumes with no limitations for the number of days or stop events of loads from pickup to final delivery.

“Load Track is an indispensable tool for our brokerage operation. Now we have greater visibility for all our loads so we can keep our customers better informed and address service issues proactively,” added John Warrington, Director of Information Solutions for Diel-Jerue Logistics, an Ocala, Fla.-based PowerBroker user with company-owned assets and brokerage capacity.

About Trucker Tools

The Trucker Tools app is owned by Trucker Tools LLC, (formerly known as, LLC), a software developer based in Reston, VA. The popular app has been downloaded by more than 390,000 owner operators and drivers to access information and services conveniently while on the road such as locating truck stops, monitoring diesel prices, getting truck-specific navigation, and more. The Load Track is included in Trucker Tools app. Visit Trucker Tools at or contact us directly at:

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Prasad Gollapalli, Founder and CEO
Trucker Tools, LLC

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