Qued Inc. Joins McLeod Software as a Certified Integration Partner


Integrates into McLeod powerful new technology for automating and streamlining load appointment scheduling process for PowerBroker and LoadMaster customers.

CINCINNATI, OHIO – January 22, 2024Qued Inc., which recently launched a new workflow management software package specifically focused on automating and streamlining load appointment scheduling for shippers, 3PLs and truckers, announced today it has become a certified integration partner with McLeod Software, the industry’s leading freight management and transportation execution platform.

The announcement means that customers of McLeod’s PowerBroker and LoadMaster products now can quickly and efficiently incorporate Qued’s tools into these McLeod products without having to switch screens or re-key information when searching for and scheduling a truck appointment for a load. With this integration protocol in place, upon request from a customer, the Qued tools can be activated in PowerBroker or LoadMaster in a matter of days.

“We are streamlining and automating the process of scheduling appointments for loads, consolidating a number of manual activities that often require jumping between different app screens or web sites and re-keying information,” said Tom Curee, president of Qued.

Today, a user with a load to schedule typically would log into a scheduling portal, input the desired appointment as well as all relevant shipment details, and wait for the system to return available appointment times. The user would then select the preferred time, receive a confirmation, and then re-enter that confirmed pickup information into their TMS.

“What we have built and integrated with McLeod enables the user to stay in the McLeod screen and initiate the load request process there. Information then goes seamlessly into Qued, which contacts the scheduling platform, shares the data, obtains the response, and automatically brings that appointment scheduling information back into McLeod,” explained Curee.

“We’re reducing wasteful rekeying, which also can be a source of errors, and eliminating manual steps which can be tiring and time consuming for the user, and we are speeding up the entire process of searching for and securing a load appointment. They never have to leave their McLeod screen.”

“McLeod is thrilled to onboard Qued as a certified partner. Qued’s appointment setting automation interface will serve our mutual customers well by gaining operating efficiencies,” said Ahmed Ebrahim, Vice President, Partnership & Integration at McLeod Software.

“Qued’s focus is on developing and deploying workflow automation solutions for the transportation industry that help customers do more with less clicks,” Curee added. “This integration provides 2-way communication to interact directly with scheduling platforms, eliminating a team's need to manage multiple portals while receiving instant appointments into McLeod. “

Within their existing workflow, operations users can select the date and time they prefer to get an appointment and trigger a request directly from McLeod. It also operates 24 hours a day and enables users to input future appointment times and receive appointments as soon as they are available from a scheduling platform. Qued’s workflow automation allows users to focus on other tasks while the scheduling process is being completed.


ABOUT QUEDQued, Inc. is a cloud-based software provider that has deployed a leading-edge workflow management platform specifically focused on automating and streamlining load appointment scheduling for brokers, carriers, third-party logistics providers and shippers.  Qued’s solution addresses and automates a key functional gap in today’s traditional transportation management systems: the process by which transportation planners find, select and secure appointments for available shipments. The platform incorporates artificial intelligence and machine learning tools, enabling your team to make smarter decisions in less time, get more done with fewer clicks and less rekeying, and build highly efficient quality relationships with reliable carriers. Qued is a certified integration partner of McLeod Software. For more information about Qued, visit us at www.qued.com, or send us an email to [email protected].

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