Platform Science Becomes McLeod Software Certified Integration Partner

LoadMaster Enterprise Integration Will Enable Fleets to Dramatically Upgrade Their Driver Experience

San Diego, CA - October 6, 2020 - Platform Science, a leading enterprise IoT fleet management platform, today announced its official Certified Integration partnership with McLeod Software, an advanced transportation management software (TMS) for carriers, brokers, and shippers. Fleets are now able to offer their drivers a next generation in-cab experience, enhancing the power of their McLeod Software LoadMaster Enterprise system with a streamlined mobile experience through the Platform Science ecosystem of edge applications. The Platform Science integration within McLeod Software’s Symphony Mobile Communications module, which is used by more than 740 truckload carriers in the United States, enables users to easily monitor HOS and directly manage dispatch operations. As a result of the open platform and integration capabilities of Platform Science, this LoadMaster integration spans the entire suite of Platform Science products, enabling fleets to upgrade the driver experience through better load visibility, real-time updates, and more robust driver-dispatch communication. 

“McLeod Software is pleased to announce the integration of our LoadMaster dispatch solutions with Platform Science’s telematics platform. We have worked together to provide the highest quality user experience for drivers and back office users. We look forward to continuing to support our customers as they select the best in breed products from the marketplace,” said Robert Brothers, VP of Product for McLeod Software. 

Fleets will increase productivity using the Platform Science Workflow and Messaging applications, central to the Platform Science Productivity suite. The Workflow app, with its automation and unconditional logic capabilities, helps fleets achieve an unprecedented level of efficiencies for their drivers. Dispatchers can easily plan, match and dispatch loads, with the flexibility to react to changes in the load, such as new shipping document information, and send updates to drivers in real-time. 

Drivers benefit from the automation of pre-filled form fields, ensuring the tasks the drivers need to complete are already attached to the load. This streamlined driver experience is a significant departure from traditional workflow macros, guaranteeing that the whole load is visible and accessible. 

The Platform Science Messaging app is a critical component of the integration as well, offering a modern, efficient messaging system that was previously lacking in the transportation space. Dispatchers can quickly connect with drivers through Loadmaster to send messages that will appear in real-time and provide flexibility based on who needs to communicate with whom. With teams of drivers, sending a message that is visible to each member of the team is critical to the business. By allowing a back-office user to select and send a message to multiple recipients, each member of the team can contribute to the conversation and complete work quickly. 

“A robust TMS is the foundation of any large fleet, and we know that McLeod enables fleets to become best-in-class,” said Darrin Demchuk, VP of Product for Platform Science. “The Platform Science Workflow app enables our McLeod TMS customer to plan, match and dispatch loads more efficiently, reduce out-of-route and empty miles and diversify and create new lines of business. By shifting the driver’s job from data entry to simply confirming the automated data capture is accurate, and pairing that with an advanced TMS, fleets can achieve massive efficiency gains with their drivers with a simple, drop-in integration. We’re proud to dramatically upgrade the driver experience in partnership with an innovative TMS."


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Platform Science is an IoT technology company that empowers enterprise fleets to take control of their technology on one user-friendly platform. Founded in 2015, Platform Science makes it easy to develop, deploy and manage mobile devices and applications on commercial vehicles, a process previously defined by fragmented architectures and proprietary protocols. The platform offers flexibility and delivers an unlimited canvas to fleets and developers seeking to innovate and create new solutions as customers’ needs, businesses and industries evolve. 

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