McLeod Software Sales Grow 65% in 2014

Transportation Enterprise Software leader completes fifth straight year of record growth.

McLeod Software’s 2014 sales revenue climbed 65% over 2013, which was the company’s previous record high revenue year. 2014 was the fifth consecutive year in which the company experienced greater than 20% year-over-year compound annual growth. 100% of McLeod’s 2014 sales increase was organic; the growth was not due to acquisition or merger. McLeod Software now has 350 full-time employees.

“Transportation companies are investing in our enterprise software and robust business process automation solutions at unprecedented levels,” said the company’s Founder and CEO, Tom McLeod. “Several factors are driving this trend. The improving economy and tight capacity are combining to create opportunities. Transportation companies are broadening their service offerings to gain and retain market share. Our solutions provide a platform that allows our customers to capitalize on the market opportunities. The shippers want to deal with companies that are expertly managed, and that are as sophisticated at handling information as they are at handling the freight. Transportation companies have recognized the competitive advantages they gain with better business process automation using workflow management, the ability to deploy their systems on mobile devices, and access to information about their customers or prospective customers to grow the right segments of their businesses. Another driver for McLeod Software’s growth is that many transportation companies are seeking the ability to turn “big data” into “big insight” to help people at every level in their company make better decisions throughout the work day.

Better insight means putting the right information in front of every team member to help them make the best decision at the right time. This requires both active business process automation and accurate information on pricing, profitability, and a host of operational metrics. This goal has been a struggle for companies with older legacy systems, leading many of them to seek new enterprise technology platforms that provide such capabilities.

Last but certainly not least, as the driver shortage grows, the need to operate in ways that help carriers retain their best drivers and coach drivers who want to improve is urgent. Working to increase driver retention and development is imperative for trucking companies, and we have built the tools to help our customers pursue those goals.

We look forward to 2015 and the opportunities it will bring us to serve more transportation providers who share our vision, and help them deploy new technology in ways that drive profitability and productivity.”

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