McLeod Software Releases Version 17.2 of LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker

Today McLeod Software is releasing Version 17.2, another major functional release of its flagship products, LoadMaster Enterprise and PowerBroker.

Birmingham, AL. November 13, 2017 - New capabilities and new integration solutions with industry partners have been added to McLeod’s solutions for brokers and 3PL’s, for truckload carriers, and for LTL and final mile operations. McLeod is continuing the rapid pace of product development investments that have made us the leader in ERP solutions for transportation providers.

More Flexible Ways to Compensate Drivers

LoadMaster's Driver Settlement module has been enhanced to enable a wider variety of compensation options, or combinations of those options, for company drivers in both LTL and truckload operations. Any company driver can be paid hourly, by the mile, by the trip, or simply as salary payroll. Those pay options may now be configured by the trip for drivers who might be compensated differently based on the specific work activity in which they are engaged. Any driver’s work hours can be entered through the native LoadMaster timecard functions and screens.

Greater Visibility and Insight for Driver Managers and Fleet Managers

LoadMaster's Order Planning has a new set of filtering capabilities that allow fleet or driver managers better visibility for each driver’s current and pre-assigned movements. These users can easily see their entire fleet or driver group, as well as all preassigned movements for each driver in that group. This view is especially helpful when multiple pre-assignments are planned for drivers or tractors 

New and Enhanced LoadMaster Integration Solutions

LoadMaster now includes integration with a number of new Mobile Communications solutions. EROAD, Forward Thinking Systems, KeepTruckin, and Teletrac Navman Director have been added. The existing integration solutions with Coretex iBright and Omnitracs Enterprise Services have been enhanced.

The LoadMaster Safety Module now offers integration with Lytx DriveCam to supply driver and tractor associations plus start times from the LoadMaster system for video recording in Lytx.

The Vehicle Maintenance Solution from RTA Fleet Management Software has been integrated with LoadMaster to both pass and receive vehicle maintenance information.

An interactive fuel integration with Multi Service has been added and enhancements to Comdata’s interactive fuel integration are also part of the Version 17.2 release.

Creating an Easier, More Expansive Brokerage Planning Environment

The PowerBroker Brokerage Planning has been enhanced to provide an easier and quicker way for planners to see all of the details about a load in one place, including order stops, callins, order post history, and even Google Route Maps. With this ability to view many different data sources in one screen, users can answer more questions, and quickly find the information they are looking for.

New and Enhanced PowerBroker Integration Solutions

The McLeod Symphony Mobile Communications solution that has long been the primary integration platform for in cab mobile communications in LoadMaster has now been added to PowerBroker. This powerful tool makes it easy to view communication messages and truck positions from load tracking devices and systems. The auto-dispatch functions in Symphony can be used to map tracking messages to update a load’s stop, arrival, and departure events based on user defined rules.

McLeod Symphony is currently integrated with some of the most popular brokerage load tracking solutions including MacroPoint, Load Track, FourKites and 10-4 Systems, expanding the functionality that PowerBroker already offered with each of those load tracking systems.

PowerBroker’s Private Notification Network (PNN), which allows the automated posting of available loads, now includes integration with Trucker Path and NextLoad.

PowerBroker LTL has added a LTL Rating Interface Control screen that allows the set up and maintenance of multiple rating and tendering interfaces in a single location. This configuration environment currently supports SMC3’s RateWareXL and Carrier Connect XL, 3GTMS rating, and project44.

Automatically Trigger Business Process Automation by Detecting Changes, Conditions or Events

For LoadMaster and PowerBroker customers, it is now possible to trigger McLeod FlowLogix workflows, or full business process automation solutions built with FlowLogix, based on table changes within the system that McLeod’s Rapid Alert Notification system can be configured to detect.

This new capability opens up unlimited possibilities for how customers can identify and detect events or specific conditions, and use them to initiate a wide variety of actions using the powerful business process automation capabilities McLeod FlowLogix provides.

Expanded Capabilities for LoadMaster LTL

The very comprehensive LoadMaster LTL solution for LTL carriers has been expanded and enhanced extensively in Version 17.2. 

New functionality and new capabilities have been added to many parts of the current LoadMaster LTL product:

  • Expanded capability for Cross Dock Manager
  • Freight (FAK) Profiles
  • Tariff Management Process
  • Tariff Based Rating Engine
  • Dimensional Rating
  • Revenue Allocation by Terminal
  • Linehaul Procurement Planning
  • Linehaul Routing
  • Fuel Surcharge
  • Visual Planning for both Pickup and Delivery
  • Linehaul Routing
  • Pickup and Delivery Partner Management
  • Order Planning
  • Returns Processing
  • Hazmat Management
  • Pickup Entry
  • The Cross Dock & Forklift Mobile Devices
  • The Driver Mobile Device System

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