McLeod Software Announces Smart Contract Business Process Automation to Support Permissioned Blockchains based on Transportation Industry Standards

November 16, 2017 – BIRMINGHAM, AL - Today the members of the Blockchain in Trucking Alliance (BiTA) begin the process of working together towards blockchain industry standards and use cases for blockchains in the transportation industry. McLeod Software is working to expand its core business process automation tools to fully embrace these new standards.

FlowLogix Smart Contracts

One weakness in smart contracts today is that they are difficult for business process owners to articulate in a way that translates into perfect code, and then for process owners to validate how they work, because they are written in software languages that are hard to understand. McLeod FlowLogix Smart Contracts employs visual logic and workflow design, along with built in simulation testing, to help both designers and business process owners ensure they get it right the first time.

The McLeod FlowLogix Smart Contracts product will enable McLeod customers, who want to structure, validate, and test their smart contract interaction with the permissioned blockchain distributed ledgers, to do so before they are implemented.

McLeod Software customers will be able to use FlowLogix Smart Contracts to build the logic, data mapping, formatting, business triggers, API’s to the blockchain frameworks, and automated communication mechanisms to meet nearly any required interaction with a smart contract embodied by a permissioned blockchain.

As BiTA establishes the industry standards for data definitions, API’s, smart contract structures, and technical architectures, McLeod Software will build API’s within FlowLogix Smart Contracts to support those standards. This will not only allow McLeod Software customers to build new applications and business process automation solutions to interact with permissioned blockchains, it will also enable current users of the McLeod FlowLogix business process automation to adapt their existing solutions to a permissioned blockchain environment, where interaction with smart contract driven distributed ledgers is based on the emerging BiTA standards.

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