McLeod Software Announces New Supply Chain Connectivity Framework for Transportation Providers

The company’s new DataFusion suite of products is a configurable connectivity framework that gives McLeod customers a competitive edge to win business from the best shippers.

April 15, 2021 – Birmingham, AL - Today McLeod Software introduced a new supply chain connectivity framework for transportation providers. McLeod DataFusion is a configurable connectivity framework that is fully integral to the company’s core LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems, giving users access to the capabilities it provides for their daily work within the system.

Access to fast, reliable, and customized information throughout the lifecycle of every shipment is the backbone of a successful technology-enabled supply chain. Customers can use the elements of this evolving framework to create specific services, communication, integration, visibility, and automation for their customers.

McLeod DataFusionMcLeod DataFusion leverages the company’s integral, highly configurable EDI engine and expands the connectivity options far beyond simple EDI communications. DataFusion helps customers model and implement a wide variety of connectivity solutions using web service API’s now, and in the future, it will support emerging technologies that could be adopted in digital supply chains, such as Blockchain.

“DataFusion provides a broad, flexible, and diversified technology platform that enables our customers to differentiate themselves to their supply chain partners by being the best communicators,” said Robert Brothers, Vice President of Product Development for McLeod Software. “It will give our customers the tools to stand out from other transportation providers.”

What the DataFusion Suite includes:

  • CustomerFusion includes the full set of EDI Engine capabilities in the McLeod system.
  • LogisticsFusion includes the full set of EDI for Logistics capabilities in the McLeod system.
  • IntercompanyFusion enables communications between separate legal entities in a company.
  • ProFusion gives customers a template editor for EDI and other types of formats needed to construct specific to a shipper.
  • BorderFusion lets customers implement cross border document communications (ACE/ACI)
  • FusionAPI gives customers open web service API’s for building non-EDI communications with shippers and partners.

McLeod plans to release this new framework with the next version of LoadMaster and PowerBroker later this Spring.

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