McLeod Software Adds Trucker Tools Book-it-Now® to PowerBroker® Platform for Brokers, 3PLs

RESTON, VA – MAY 17, 2021  Trucker Tools today announced that McLeod Software® has certified Trucker Tools’ time-saving digital freight management platform, adding Book-it-Now® automated, one-click load booking and confirmation to the PowerBroker® Digital Freight Matching (DFM) web service available to its freight brokerage and third-party logistics customers.

McLeod Software had previously integrated PowerBroker with Trucker Tools’ Smart Capacity® predictive digital freight-matching and carrier relationship management solution. The use of the DFM will supersede the previous Smart Capacity interface providing a greater depth of data, faster communication and enablement of the Book-it-Now® capabilities.

“The Digital Freight Matching web service improves our logistics customers’ ability to secure additional capacity through the use of the Trucker Tools ecosystem. Automating the quote to confirmation process saves valuable capital to be redeployed on higher value activities,” said Robert Brothers, Vice President of Product Development for McLeod Software.

Birmingham, Alabama-based McLeod Software is one of the largest providers of comprehensive transportation management software solutions for brokers and 3PLs, private fleets, truckload and less-than-truckload carriers.

Prasad Gollapalli, founder and chief executive of Reston, Virginia-based Trucker Tools noted as well that the integration of Book-it-Now® more tightly connects brokers using McLeod’s PowerBroker with truckers on the widely adopted Trucker Tools Mobile Driver app, bringing new visibility and access into a critical mass of independent owner-operator and small-fleet truckload capacity, which moves some 90 percent of truckload freight.

The multi-functional, multi-party mobile app, launched in 2013, has to-date been downloaded by more than 1.3 million truckers, and has over 160,000 unique users operating small truckload fleets of 10 trucks or less. 

“For the broker, these integrated tools immediately reduce the costs of covering a load and improve the trucker’s experience engaging with that broker with an easy, one-click process to accept a load,” Gollapalli noted. And by enabling more loads to be booked and confirmed in less time, “brokers gain hours in their day that can be used to prospect for more freight, and for faster resolution of issues that need more detailed management and expertise,” he said, all of which helps the broker improve productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and scale their business profitably.

“We are very excited to expand our collaboration with McLeod and we look forward to supporting their customers as they engage with and apply these new technology capabilities to improve their business, and their investment in McLeod's PowerBroker.”

Trucker Tools provides real-time shipment visibility, trip planning, predictive freight-matching, digital document management and automated booking tools for freight brokers, independent owner-operators and small-fleet truckload carriers. Its flagship mobile app for truckload drivers is the industry’s most popular smartphone-based digital management resource, with 17 of the most sought-after features and functions drivers want for managing their business while on the road. It remains one of the most downloaded apps each month in transportation.

The multi-functional, GPS-enabled multi-party  Trucker Tools mobile app is available for both Android- and Apple-powered smartphones and is provided free of charge to independent truckers and small fleets.

About Trucker Tools: Trucker Tools, based in Reston, Va., is the leading provider of trip planning, shipment visibility, predictive freight matching and automated booking solutions for the transportation industry. Its ground-breaking Smart Capacity® platform uses accurate, real-time data and powerful algorithms to optimally match freight by predicting when and where capacity will become available, days in advance. The company’s popular driver smartphone app has been downloaded by some 1.3 million owner operators and is used by over 600,000 unique small-carrier fleets to access information and services conveniently while on the road. Included in the smartphone app is Book it Now®, the industry’s first digital load booking app that automates and streamlines the load search and booking process for drivers and brokers, saving time and money. Trucker Tools load tracking solution is a robust feature in the smartphone app that connects drivers with carriers and freight brokers, using a smartphone’s native GPS capabilities to provide real-time, accurate, automated in-transit tracking updates as frequently as every 15 minutes, eliminating manual check calls. Visit Trucker Tools at or contact us directly at: [email protected]

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