FreightFriend Partners with McLeod Software® to Bring Improved Freight Matching and Capacity Sourcing to PowerBroker TMS

This partnership will allow users to take advantage of FreightFriend’s intuitive platform to increase the speed of their employees when managing carriers and tendering freight.

CHICAGO, IL (January 12, 2020) -  FreightFriend, a next-generation, cloud-based truckload procurement solution, has partnered with McLeod Software to improve carrier engagement, and allow companies to book more freight more profitably. FreightFriend’s focus on enabling users to offer carriers more relevant freight makes the difference for some of the industry leaders. The integration between FreightFriend and McLeod’s PowerBroker® enables users to seamlessly move from freight and data-driven capacity sourcing to execution across both platforms.   

“The Digital Freight Matching Web Service is a powerful integration tool allowing PowerBroker customers access to market their available freight through multichannel solutions,” said Robert Brothers, Vice President of Product Development at McLeod Software. “FreightFriend and PowerBroker will provide value and speed to our mutual customers.”

Building strong relationships with carriers is what enables brokers to scale cost effectively and buy competitively. In a tight capacity market like this one, this is even more important. A broker’s ability to quickly cover their freight by finding and securing available capacity with quality carriers is more difficult and time sensitive than ever.

With this integration, McLeod users can instantly create and leverage ranked lists of carriers for any load or lane through FreightFriend’s Capacity Guru dynamic routing guide. Users can also auto-communicate ranked loads to carrier partners with Freight Guru — carriers can quote or book-it-now, which flows directly into PowerBroker for execution.

All carrier responses help inform each brokerage’s results through the FreightFriend platform, which continuously learns from carrier behavior to more accurately predict capacity and freight with each interaction.

“FreightFriend gives brokers the tools they need to leverage and grow relationships while keeping proprietary information protected,” said Noam Frankel, FreightFriend Founder and CEO. “Our unique algorithms are blending public, private, and shared data behind the scenes so that brokers can make smarter procurement decisions, significantly reduce freight spend, and improve productivity for their teams and their carrier partners. We are so excited to bring this technology to McLeod users around the country.”

The integration uses McLeod Software’s Digital Freight Matching (DFM) web service API, which was released earlier last year. FreightFriend is one of the first McLeod Certified Integration Partners offering freight matching or procurement solutions alongside PowerBroker.

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About FreightFriend: FreightFriend is a cloud-based, AI-powered truckload procurement solution to help shippers and brokers find the right capacity and match it to the right freight. The software solutions include a carrier relationship management (CRM) platform, the Capacity Guru dynamic routing guide, and Freight Guru intelligent freight matching.

About McLeod Software: McLeod Software is the leader when it comes to software for trucking dispatch operations management, freight brokerage management, document imaging, workflow, EDI, and business process automation solutions for trucking, freight brokerage, third party logistics, and shipper companies in the United States.


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