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Our goal is to give our customers accurate pricing and pay our carriers fair and consistent rates. MPact helps us do that, and as this technology continues to evolve, the entire industry will benefit.” Shawn McLeod, President of Axle Logistics


Your Data Against the Market

An extension of MPact.Rate, the Pro version gives you the ability to compare how your company stacks up against the current market by digging even deeper into the data

Measure and compare your company's performance in the market. MPact.RatePro breaks your data out so you can see exactly where you are excelling or areas you may need improvement.

Looking to expand your operations? Use MPact.RatePro to navigate new markets and go into negotiations equipped with the data to quote better rates.

With the ability to visually see the insight into the markets that matter most to you, MPact.RatePro focuses on delivering the data displayed in a manner that allows you to make quick, educated quote decisions.

Utilize MPact.RatePro Predictor to help you forecast rates up to 14 days in advance. Real predictions based on historical data offering a strong competitive advantage to give you the leg up on quotes.

Users across our company are using MPact every day. Our plan is to have this tool become a standard part of the way we routinely conduct business.” Jeff Henderson, Ryan Transportation
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Build Your Own Integration

Want to bring MPact.Rate data into your internal reporting and dashboards?

Take advantage of MPact.RateAPI to deliver buy and/or sell data from Key Market Area Origin and Destination pairs

  • Average rates over specified time periods
  • Rate contributor count for that period of time
  • Total order count for that period
  • Minimum / maximum amounts
  • Quartile distribution of rates
  • Rates with or without fuel
  • Trailer type (flatbed, van and reefer)
  • Carrier type (asset, broker)


The MPact.RateAPI is not included with the basic MPact.Rate or MPact.RatePro products and must be licensed separately. Email [email protected] or contact your McLeod Sales Representative for more information.


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