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IQ helps us across the board with critical information both operationally and financially, and this has supported our continued growth over the last few years.” Jeff Paul, Chief Financial Officer for Simple Logistics

Over 20 templates to start from

Or customize your own from scratch


Lane Analysis

Designed to give you multiple insights into the lanes your company is running. Take a look at which lanes are performing the best, and which are costing you valuable time and money based on multiple factors, such as revenue and number of orders. Understanding your lanes and having the knowledge to act on them will help you improve your margins. 


Income Statement

This template not only gives you a view into your overall income statement, it also allows you to see it broken down into multiple areas to truly dive into your revenue and expenses. Whether that’s year-over-year or drilled down to the month, the Income Statement template allows senior managers to look at the business and see not only Net Income, but all the factors that went into creating that final number.



View your sales department as a whole or drill down to see who your top performers are and who might not be meeting their quotas. Break it down year-over-year or month-over-month to understand each salesperson’s margin. Many of our customers display this on the floor to drive competitive nature and reward top employees. 



Use the Billing template to get an overview of your complete billing cycle. View total orders, total revenue, payments received, and how long it took to receive payment on average. It gives you a snapshot into the customers ready to be billed and a time series overview to see your open balances and payments received. 


Customer Scorecard

Provides an overview of your current orders, revenue, and margin for a given customer and compares them to last year’s numbers. Also shows a breakdown of average revenue per order, mile, and average margin per order broken down by month. This template gives you insights into unbilled customers and lane activity to allow you to take action where needed. 

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