Batch Fuel

The LoadMaster Batch Fuel Interface saves carriers significant amounts of time every day by automating the capture of fuel data. Fuel transaction data from the industry’s most prominent and reliable fuel card providers can be downloaded into LoadMaster on a daily basis. The transaction data can be posted to multiple points throughout the LoadMaster system, including General Ledger, Dispatch, Settlement, Fuel Tax, and Accounts Payable. This eliminates multiple data entries, which saves time and improves data accuracy.

  • Utilize multiple fuel card providers simultaneously
  • Set the system to download fuel transactions periodically or activate the download at your convenience by the click of a menu item
  • Create expense accounts to track fuel card purchases among multiple fleets, locations, or equipment types. Expense accounts can also be used to process transaction fees according to your company’s operations
  • Create automatic G/L expense entries, settlement deductions, driver call-ins, fuel tax records, and accounts payable vouchers
  • Use analytical and reporting functions to leverage historical data for in depth research
  • Generate advance authorization codes for driver advances and other over-the-road expenses

Interactive Fuel

The Interactive Fuel Module enhances McLeod’s standard Batch Fuel Interface by providing fuel card conveniences in real-time between carriers and their drivers. Your drivers gain faster access to company authorized funds, and you gain improved accuracy of driver tracking and closer control of fuel purchases. Fuel transactions become simpler and less time-consuming for everyone.

With Interactive Fuel, you receive near real-time updates throughout the day that show all fuel purchases and all cash advances sent to driver check call screens. This saves time and reduces errors by eliminating the manual downloading of fuel transactions. Plus, the enhanced data interchange used by Interactive Fuel boosts the accuracy of your order validation during fuel purchases.

  • One-time cash advances can be loaded directly to a driver’s card
  • Driver status is automatically updated with the card provider when the status changes in LoadMaster
  • Interactive delivery of fuel and cash transactions can be conducted throughout the day as the transactions occur
  • Each card provider’s system is automatically updated when a card record is added or updated in LoadMaster

Breakthrough Fuel

McLeod's interface with Breakthrough Fuel saves time and improves the accuracy of your fuel surcharges.

More and more shippers are using Breakthrough Fuel to more accurately handle the fuel surcharge costs associated with their shipments. McLeod’s integration solution for Breakthrough Fuel allows an unlimited number of customers to be configured in LoadMaster. Fuel surcharges can be downloaded every day for these customers, and automatic assignments can be created by matching order numbers with Breakthrough Fuel’s reference numbers that are supplied by the shipper.

The integration solution ensures that the correct fuel surcharge that was calculated by the shipper is captured on the order for billing. The complete history of these charges is also maintained in LoadMaster, so all of your Breakthrough Fuel records are recorded, documented, and verifiable through an easily-accessed and comprehensive audit trail. Automating the process eliminates all of the manual data entry for Breakthrough Fuel, which saves hours of labor and improves data accuracy.

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