Fast, Context-Based Document Retrieval

In addition to document capture and storage,  DocumentPower provides document retrieval capabilities that allow you to more rapidly search for and retrieve needed documents to perform research or provide a customer with a quick response using email, fax, print or FTP.  DocumentPower provides improved search and retrieval times which leads to increased staff productivity and improved customer service.

Quick, Configurable Billing

Rendition Processing uses the document management and workflow capabilities contained in DocumentPower to allow you to create customer specific rules related to what billing documents are required, what document will be included with the invoice to the customer and if the documents will be printed, emailed, faxed or sent using FTP.  Rendition Processing results in reduced labor, paper, envelope, postage, printer, toner, and copier costs and reduces processing time significantly.

Integrated Visual Workflow

FlowLogix is McLeod’s visual workflow engine that allows us to quickly build business process automation solutions that meet your specific needs and are based on how you perform your work.  FlowLogix is integrated with LoadMaster and has the unique ability to perform routine workflow tasks that would normally require manual intervention. This allows you to automate almost any business process and focus on exceptions instead of each item. FlowLogix also has the ability to connect and integrate with other systems allowing you to create business process automation solutions that work across systems in your company.  FlowLogix Designer allows you to visually design, develop and deploy your own FlowLogix workflows.  FlowLogix provides better work distribution and improved work visibility which leads to more efficient work management and reduced labor costs.

Typical applications include:

  • Billing and Settlement
  • Accounts Payable
  • Driver Recruiting
  • Carrier Onboarding
  • Customer Onboarding

Powerful Electronic Forms

Logix eForms allows you to create, send, manage and receive electronic forms. Logix eForms can be used to deliver information to and capture information from people inside and outside your company including signatures. Sending and receiving Logix eForms is as easy as sending and receiving an email or browsing to a web page. 

Managing the completion and return of the eForms can be accomplished using reminders, expirations and reports.  Logix eForms can be used with FlowLogix to create forms based business process automation solutions that are specific to your needs and your process.  Logix eForms provides improved forms management and tracking abilities which leads to increased staff productivity and reduced labor costs.

Typical Logix eForms include:

  • Load/Rate Confirmation
  • Driver Application
  • Carrier Forms
  • Customer Forms
  • Employees Forms


DocumentPower allows you to deliver documents and information to drivers, customers, carriers, employees and other systems using many different methods:

  • Email
  • Fax
  • Print
  • FTP
  • Web
  • LoadMaster
  • File
  • FlowLogix

Custom Business Process Automation with FlowLogix

The McLeod FlowLogix visual workflow tool will allow the creation of workflows and business process automation solutions across the LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems. By using the visual design and testing tools, McLeod customers can create their own custom workflows to support automated business processes across the entire spectrum of their enterprise.

FlowLogix not only offers an easy to use visual design interface, it includes built-in testing and integration tools that allow it to work with outside systems and data beyond the McLeod applications. Our customers can use this powerful new toolset to implement, test, deploy, and maintain their own customized business process solutions within the McLeod systems environment that, in the past, would have required expensive and complex custom modifications.


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