Customer Referenced Service Providers

McLeod Software does not certify or specifically endorse any professional service firms. This list is compiled with input from current customers and is provided only as an effort to assist McLeod customers by making them aware of these firms and their professional service offerings. McLeod has not investigated these firms or independently verified the quality of their products or services. McLeod receives no fee or compensation of any kind from the firms listed here as a result of their inclusion.

EVOS SmartTools

Evos SmartTools™ offers optimized web-based transportation planning, routing and mode selection software tools for shippers, carriers, transportation brokers, 3PLs and consulting firms. Our PlanTools™ application software is a robust suite of tools for route optimization for all types of multi-modal transportation including dedicated fleets vs. common carrier, inbound vs. outbound and domestic vs. international. Our tools work as a standalone transportation management solution or as an integrated part of your McLeod Transportation Solution.

glcs logo

GLCS, Inc.

GLCS is a technology-focused consulting and integration partner that specializes in transportation and logistics software applications and IT management, technology support, and organizational consulting. We have a breadth of offerings supporting McLeod Software and its partners! Visit our website or LinkedIn page for more details.


Hubtek is a workforce optimization solutions provider for Transportation Companies. Through our co-managed talent, intelligent automation, and growth acceleration platform, we allow companies to optimize their processes, accelerate their growth and boost their positioning in the marketplace.


  • Co-Managed Talent: Outsourcing talent with a co-management approach specialized in the Logistics Industry.

  • TABi: Intelligent Automation Technology and Virtual Assistant created for the Logistics Industry.

  • ProfitQuest: Growth Platform which provides training, coaching, strategy, and Industry Networking. 

Katz, Sapper & Miller

Katz, Sapper & Miller is a nationally recognized consulting, tax, and audit firm. Through our deep experience across multiple disciplines and industries, we help our clients make sense of where they’ve been, what’s on the horizon, what’s changing, and what they need to do to prosper in the years ahead. We leverage emerging technologies, combined with our people’s differing perspectives, ingenuity, and creativity, to help our clients solve their most difficult challenges. Our Transportation Services Group is an industry leader in providing solutions to more than 150 transportation and logistics companies nationwide to improve profitability, financial reporting, and tax efficiency. KSM’s mission is also our passion and our commitment: We inspire great people to do great things. Learn more at 

Lean Solutions Group 

Lean Solutions Group is a nearshore service provider that has partnered with over 160 US-based companies to establish their satellite office in Colombia, South America, with our proven staffing business model for the logistics industry. Lean Solutions has expanded its service offerings to include staffing services for all entry level, tech, marketing, and sales positions all in one place. Leveraging the right talent, culture, and price, businesses can lower operational costs and drive business growth.


North America’s premier trailer repositioning company. They specialize in helping carriers balance their pools and reposition their trailers.


With over 20 years in the industry Tranztec delivers top-tier technology, seamlessly connecting valuable data assets across the supply chain to significantly boost your business's efficiency. Our uniquely designed standard platform brings together TMS, telematics, and transport services via comprehensive prebuilt integrations. This platform not only enriches your existing legacy TMS applications with extensive load dispatch functionality, but also presents a complete, consolidated cloud-based view of your enterprise, enabling effective and streamlined decision-making processes.

Trincon Group, LLC

Trincon Group, LLC is a Business Advisory Company and developer of TruCosting software for activity-based costing and pricing. Trincon helps Ownership and Top Management profitably respond to market pressures with improved productivity and pricing. Trincon also has specialized programs in Centralization, Driver Development, New Business Development and Management Development.

The Sourcing Group

The Sourcing Group is a leading print and promotional product supplier to end users of McLeod Software®. We use our industry expertise and innovative technology to help businesses manage all their operational print, marketing collateral and promotional merchandise.



VersaPay is a leading cloud-based intelligent accounts receivable solutions (A/R) provider for businesses of all sizes. The ARC, A/R automation solution, allows businesses to: Easily deliver their customized electronic invoices to customers through a self-service portal - Collaborate with customers on all matters relating to invoicing and accounts receivable - Accept credit card and EFT / ACH payments across North America - Reconcile customer payments automatically with their existing ERP and accounting software - reduce costs, make customers happier and get paid faster.

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