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Optimal Dynamics' Execute solution

BCB Transport Sees 19.6% Increase in Revenue Per Truck After Embracing Artificial Decision Intelligence

By implementing Optimal Dynamics' Execute solution, BCB Transport was able to completely transform their operations. The results speak for themselves: a staggering 19% increase in revenue per truck per week and 16% reduction in the number of tractors they needed, all while navigating a challenging market.

Download our case study to discover: 

  • The journey from manual load planning to automated decision-making
  • The game-changing impact of Optimal Dynamics' Execute solution
  • How BCB Transport achieved a 19% boost in revenue
  • Strategies for optimizing operations and driving efficiency
  • Insights into the future of transportation and logistics

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ISAAC Instruments’ ELD & Telematics Solution Integrated with
McLeod Software’s LoadMaster Makes Life Easier for Drivers & Dispatchers at Tranco Logistics

Tranco Logistics, a dry van carrier headquartered in Chattanooga, Tennessee, recently faced the business challenge of being forced to upgrade an aging telematics system. Read the case study to learn more on how ISAAC Instruments' integration in McLeod Software helped Tranco resolve their business challenge and made life easier for their drivers.

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front of 18 wheeler

Greenbush Logistics Reaping the Rewards of Digitization

Business was good at Greenbush Logistics, a talented group of reps and an insightful leadership team were working together to aachieve growth at scale; however, leadership could see that their tech stack would eventually fall behind the times. They decided to add Parade capacity management, a tool that would integrate with their current TMS by McLeod Software, and they've experienced success right out of the gate.

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automate your telephone interactions

Automate Your Telephone Interactions: 

With McLeod Telephony Integration and Clear Choice Telephones

OverDrive Logistics & Syfan Logistics notch efficiency gains by applying business process automation to phone calls. Hundreds of phone calls are made every day at carrier, broker, and logistics companies. People on your staff are speaking to drivers, carriers, customers, and more. If you save even a few seconds on each of those calls, you end up saving significant amounts of time over the course of a week, a month, and a year. By providing click-to-dial capability, the McLeod Telephony module shaves off a few seconds from every outbound call.

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integrated dispatch and asset tracking

Integrated Dispatch and Asset Tracking Solution Helps Mike Tamana Optimize Fleet Operations

ORBCOMM’s Fleet Manager and McLeod’s LoadMaster work together to help Mike Tamana Trucking make gains in efficiency, ensure customer satisfaction, and improve driver performance

Mike Tamana Trucking operates out of Ceres, California and specializes in the transportation of temperature-controlled freight across the western states and Texas. Learn about the company’s most prominent business challenges and how ORBCOMM and McLeod helps to overcome them.

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Meeting the Demands of FSMA

Meeting the Demands of FSMA and Boosting Asset Utilization

Sharp Transportation Uses FleetLocate from Spireon Integrated with LoadMaster from McLeod to Solve Reefer and Dry Van Business Challenges

Sharp Transportation operates out of Wellsville, Utah and hauls freight across the country in both dry van and refrigerated trailers. Two of their business challenges are common to trucking companies that run reefers and dry vans — managing reefer temperatures for food freight and keeping their dry vans turning. In both cases, the integrated technologies of Spireon and McLeod Software help Sharp meet these challenges by providing timely access to the actionable data needed to make informed decisions.

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Gauge Business Performance and Guide Strategy Using Freight Pricing and Truck Capacity Data

DAT Solutions and McLeod partner to deliver valuable rate and capacity data

Freight pricing and truck capacity data can provide vital information for helping freight transportation and logistics companies gauge business performance and guide business strategy. The value of this information is underscored in the current market where competitiveness and volatility bring both challenges and opportunities for brokers and carriers. The ability to respond intelligently and make sound business decisions hinges on the insights gained from access to dependable and actionable data.

The data can come from public, private, and internal sources, including general business media, industry journals, government agencies, trade associations, industry data providers, and a company’s own transportation management system. Working in partnership, DAT and McLeod provide easy access to a wide range of rate and capacity data. Managers need visibility into their business from multiple angles, and the seamless integration between McLeod and DAT plays a powerful role in providing this.

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Advanced Trailer Management Saves Money, Boosts Efficiency, and Makes Life Easier for Drivers

Spireon teams with McLeod to give LoadMaster users rich data on trailers

Carriers gain on multiple fronts with improved trailer management: time is saved when trailers can be located easily and quickly, drivers avoid frustration and HOS complications when they are freed from spending extra time trying to find the trailers they need, and asset utilization goes up, which increases capacity without the need to expend new capital on additional trailers. All of this is possible when carriers use the combined strength of Spireon and McLeod.

Spireon’s FleetLocate Trailer Management Solution generates rich trailer-tracking data that McLeod users can view within LoadMaster. The seamless integration between Spireon and McLeod allows carriers to view up-to-date GPS locations for every trailer in the fleet. The data is at your fingertips.

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Logistics Made Easy

Go-To Transport's Green Bay Office Uses McLeod Software and TransCore DAT to Support Rapid Growth. 

"The efficiencies we’ve achieved through the combination of PowerBroker and DAT have been substantial by any measure. Since going live with PowerBroker and DAT Connexion in June of 2012, our brokers have almost doubled their per-day output. July of 2012 through January of 2013 gave us the best six-month period ever, and we handled this leap in volume without adding a single broker. We never could have covered all of this freight without the increased efficiency that these valuable software tools enabled. PowerBroker and DAT have proven to be indispensable for keeping pace with our growth."

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optimizing profits

Optimizing Profits

How the Driver & Load and Drop&Swap Modules from Manhattan Associates Work with McLeod’s LoadMaster Solution to Improve Your Bottom Line.

If you’re a truckload carrier and your fleet has grown to over two hundred trucks, it’s a safe bet that you’ve got some low hanging opportunities for improvement. This doesn’t mean that you’re not running a tight shop. It simply means that juggling loads for that many trucks is complex.

When fleets get this size, it becomes humanly impossible to calculate all of the options quickly and accurately. The result is that money is being left on the table, and it’s not small change. That’s why the combination of software tools from McLeod Software and Manhattan Associates is so vital. 

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