Imaging with DocumentPower

DocumentPower is an enterprise document management and business process management solution created specifically for the trucking, brokerage and freight management industry.

DocumentPower is integrated with LoadMaster and provides document capture, document storage, business process automation and document delivery functionality.

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DocumentPower allows drivers, customers and carriers to submit or capture documents using many different methods:

  • Scanner
  • Multi-Function Device
  • Fax
  • Email
  • Truck
  • In-Cab
  • Kiosk
  • Print
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Disk


After submission or capture, our Automated Forms Recognition (AFR) technology can be used to automatically index and classify documents. Indexing involves entering information related to the document that will be used later to retrieve the document. Index values can be validated and automatically populated based on other index values. Classification involves specifying the document type of the document. Classification information can be used to determine if a particular document type has been received and to perform specific business process automation workflows.  Automated classification and indexing can eliminate the need for outside indexing services or the internal labor involved with this process.



After indexing and classification, your documents are stored in electronic filing cabinets that are defined and secured based on your storage and security needs. The filing cabinets are defined based on the types of documents you plan to store and the indexes are defined based on how you want to search and retrieve the documents. Security can be applied at the cabinet, document type or index level to control access to your documents.

Storing documents electronically in DocumentPower provides the following benefits:
• Reduced costs for document storage and labor related to filing and retrieving documents
• Improved document search and retrieval times
• Improved disaster recovery and security through centralized control and management

Since DocumentPower and LoadMaster are integrated, documents stored in DocumentPower are easily accessible in LoadMaster throughout the application in context with the part of the application your users are viewing, like orders, bills, trips, drivers, carriers, or customers.

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