McLeod Software Releases Version 22 of DocumentPower™ Enterprise

December 8, 2021 – BIRMINGHAM, AL - Today McLeod Software is releasing Version 22 of its popular DocumentPower Enterprise, which includes new Driver Onboarding and Carrier Invoice Processing solutions as well as a major upgrade for FlowLogix Designer.

Driver Onboarding

McLeod Software’s new Driver Onboarding solution speeds up the complex process of driver onboarding, orientation, and preparation for dispatch. A driver’s exit or termination paperwork can also be managed with Driver Onboarding. This Logix Solutions process mitigates most of the back-and-forth delays, including waiting on paperwork. By transforming documents into simple workflows and electronic forms, integrating them with either a web browser or a mobile device, this customized task-driven workflow will help users hire drivers and get them on the road faster.

Time spent prior to orientation is reduced by having all of the driver’s tasks electronically queued for them to complete with simple questions and interactions. Required documents are transformed into simple electronic forms that make communication with the driver easier. The system helps the driver quickly capture images of necessary items, such as licenses and signatures for consent forms. The information is then populated directly into LoadMaster®, and the documents and/or images are automatically indexed into DocumentPower,

New drivers can be assigned tasks related to completing documents. Training videos with quizzes or tests can be delivered to a driver’s mobile device or through a web page, so new hires don’t have to be onsite to fill out paperwork and sign forms.

Carrier Invoice Processing Solution for PowerBroker

Most carriers submit a high percentage of their invoices and documents via email. McLeod Software’s new Carrier Invoice Processing solution takes advantage of this and builds the workflow from the point of each document’s arrival, providing a completely integrated user environment to complete all carrier invoice activity, streamlining the carrier settlement process. Users can review and index any carrier’s documents as they arrive. This workflow-driven process captures the needed load information for billing and payment, storing the indexed documents directly into PowerBroker and DocumentPower.

Carriers submit invoices and supporting documents to a monitored email account. Images that contain generated barcodes from DocumentPower are indexed automatically, eliminating the time previously spent to review and manually index them. The system uses the order number and performs the data lookup to match and display relevant customer and carrier information from PowerBroker. Users are prompted to answer document type-centric questions, such as Invoice Total, Detention Amount, Fuel Surcharge, Quick Pay, and then select answers from drop-down lists to complete the process. This Logix Solutions tool helps a user index and classify documents faster, so customer billing and carrier payments can be completed faster.

More Automation – Major Upgrade for FlowLogix Designer

Build Your Own REST APIs
FlowLogix Designer now provides users with the ability to create their own REST web service API endpoints in FlowLogix projects. This is a new way to create web service-based integrations with other systems and gather data for your workflow business process automation designs.

Create Browser-based Web Apps
New functionality within FlowLogix Designer — Progressive Web Applications (PWA), Responsive Web Design (RWD), and Single Page Application (SPA) — allows FlowLogix designers to create their own web-browser applications. With these tools, users can build browser interfaces for task-based workflow processes.

With FlowLogix Designer, web screens can be built that include real-time messaging and broadcasting, field-level validations, autofill capabilities, and character validation for easier and more accurate data entry. These web forms can collect data, capture signatures, and request the user to upload documents via image capture using the device. Image capture from the device’s camera makes use of conversion and cropping tools, including signature capture boxes. The web forms can be used to generate complete documents by taking the data collected and overlaying it on a document created in Microsoft Word or Adobe Acrobat.

Logix Solutions Enhancements

McLeod’s Logix Solutions provide pre-packaged business process automation solutions for a wide range of applications.

Distribution and Decision-Making Improvements in Billing and Settlements Workflow
McLeod’s Logix Solutions Billing and Settlements Workflow continually monitors orders. This all-encompassing tool gets the bill in the customer’s hands faster by verifying that required documents are present, updating relevant fields in LoadMaster, and routing work to the right place.

One of the key features in this workflow is the automated decision-making tool, which uses rules-based logic to validate if a bill is ready to be created from an order sent from operations. The newly added rules in Billing and Settlements Workflow validate missing documents before being presented for the billing process. The workflow will hold the item and notify operations via email until the missing document arrives. By presenting only complete items that will pass the custom rules set for automatic billing, users can increase their company’s DSO and reduce the exception items that need human attention.

Users can now store documents in multiple cabinets simultaneously and move documents of the same image type from one cabinet to another, all at the same time, with real-time document distribution. Users can also schedule or kick off Rendition Billing in DocumentPower in real-time.

Performance and Invoice Handling Throughput Improvements in AP Workflow
The Accounts Payable workflow application has improved performance and speed to complete processes faster. The system’s process logging, audit, and detailed tracking information have also been enhanced to tell the user what has happened, or is happening, to aid in the investigation and resolution of incomplete processes.

Kick Off Processes Anytime
Using Field Marshal, users can now create a custom toolbar button to execute a FlowLogix process on almost any screen in LoadMaster or PowerBroker.

Carrier Onboarding
To make the Carrier Onboarding process more efficient, Carrier Qualifications has a profile setting to assign points based on the characteristics in that carrier’s profile and perform a qualification test prior to sending the carrier packet. If the carrier's score fails the test, the system will stop the onboarding process and alert the user that the carrier is not a fit for the load.

Mobile Image Capture
McLeod’s Mobile Image Capture app offers a pathway for fleets and drivers to submit paperwork for free - no per-image transactional charges or monthly fees, ever. This app now offers some visual indicators to let drivers know they have missing paperwork in their previous assignments. Drivers who use the Mobile Image Capture app’s Document Inbox can also receive a customer’s rate confirmation for their current assignment sent from the home office.

Short Haul Processing
The Short Haul Processing solution now offers the ability to create an Empty Move for job changes, which will help maintain trailer continuity in the system.

Other Imaging Enhancements

New Capabilities for Email, Color, Distribution, and Image Capture
When capturing an electronic document, DocumentPower’s Print to Imaging utility now retains the color instead of converting all images to black and white. The system will also email grayscale and color documents from workflow processes and DocumentPower and supports Microsoft Graph API email, a more secure technology to retrieve email from folders.

Users can now employ McLeod’s eForm technology with Document Designer in LoadMaster to customize the LoadMaster Delivery Receipt. This allows the system to capture assigned driver information, including the name and signature on a delivered load. The returning image will be stored and indexed directly into DocumentPower.

Improved Performance, Appearance, and Security for Rendition Billing
Rendition Billing now has an independent dedicated email service. It allows for custom HTML in each email body, including signatures, which allows you to brand and distinguish your invoices.

DocumentPower now handles debit memos the same way it handles credit memos. Users can assign a specific document type and choose to not send the debit memo with Rendition Billing and instead store the document in DocumentPower.

Strengthened FTP security protocols now include TLS, FTPS, and SFTP for more configuration options to allow active and passive selections.

eForms User Experience Improvements
eForms now offers Autofill fields, auto complete HTML tags, the creation of custom field validations, and character validations for fields such as the email address. Empty required fields now show up in red to clearly indicate missing information. Forms can now be created with a “save as you go” feature that lets users start on the eForm and come back to it without losing the data already entered. eForms now offers the ability to drag and drop ad hoc fields, create custom titles options, and add color images.

New Integration Partners

McLeod Software continues to create new connections and capabilities with integration partners to offer more off-the-shelf choices for our customers.

New factoring companies with off-the-shelf integration solutions:

  • Compass Bank
  • Sunbelt Finance
  • ProBilling & Funding Services
  • TAFS

New remote image capture solutions integrated with DocumentPower:

  • BasicBlock
  • Maven Machines
  • RMIS
  • Samsara
  • Vector (LoadDocs)
  • Drive Axle (added indexing capabilities)


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