McLeod Software Releases Major Upgrade for Core Transportation Software Products

The company’s rapid revenue growth continues to fuel ever higher investments in product development and new capabilities for customers.

Birmingham, AL – April 16, 2015  - Today McLeod Software is announcing the release of version 15.1 of its LoadMaster®PowerBroker®, and LoadMaster® LTL products. This new major release adds a wide variety of new capabilities and functions for McLeod Software users.

Especially prominent in this release are a wide range of improvements for carriers and logistics companies who manage all types of intermodal shipments. McLeod’s new master order concept makes it easier to manage transportation orders that might have multiple containers, multiple deliveries, multiple dray moves, and possibly several rail moves all covered within a single customer order.

To facilitate fast and easy communication with drivers, the McLeod LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems can now send messages and information directly via SMS text or email to drivers. Messages can be associated with an order or movement, and can be filtered by driver, date, or the particular user to facilitate finding message history. This new feature gives McLeod customers one more way to communicate concise and detailed information about load assignments to drivers.

The LoadMaster LTL Cross Dock Manager now has an even more robust trip details display that has added tendered dates, which helps in the audit of age for each shipment during outbound routing. A new Key Performance Indicators Dashboard has been added to LoadMaster LTL that gives McLeod customers real-time metrics such as order totals, quotes entered, pickups entered, and bills of lading entered as the day progresses.

McLeod Market Insight

McLeod’s Carrier-Broker Exchange has been enhanced and rebranded as the McLeod Market Insight Module in this new release, reflecting the true value this great new tool is bringing to hundreds of McLeod customers who have subscribed. The Market Insight module brings together rate information for truckload and brokered truckload shipments in hundreds of markets across North America, all compiled from the actual order rate history for actual shipments made by hundreds of transportation companies who are McLeod Software customers. This new source or rate data gives McLeod customers insight about the actual rates similar companies are getting for truckload freight in any given lane in the most recent previous time periods of 1, 7, or 28 days.

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