KCH Transportation: Working Remotely and Thriving Thanks to McLeod

When COVID-19 hit, companies were faced with difficult choices. “We decided early on that we would follow the social distancing guidelines,” said Jason Whitten, President and CEO of KCH Transportation, a logistics company headquartered in Woodstock, Georgia. KCH handles shipments of all kinds across North America, but their specialty is hazmat and open deck, and they have won approval to be FEMA and DOD providers.

Whitten was concerned about the stress that many people would feel if they were forced to continue working in close proximity. “Our company had the option of working remotely, so I felt that we had to give everyone that option,” he said. And given that freight volume was accelerating, there was plenty of work for everyone to do.

“We’ve set new records in terms of monthly volume recently, and we’ve been able to manage it all remotely because we have McLeod,” Whitten said. “By facilitating automation in multiple ways, McLeod has made it possible for us to keep pace with the orders coming in. If we still had our previous TMS, we would never have been able to make this adjustment to working remotely.”

Here are some examples from Whitten of the McLeod features that are helping KCH:

Rendition Billing

“McLeod’s billing automation easily allows our back office to process hundreds of invoices daily within a very short time frame. This process has played a key role with our current remote working conditions. Users are able to continue billing procedures with the help of rendition billing without having to alter any of our day-to-day processes due to working remote.”

eRate Confirmations

“Over a year ago KCH began implementing the use of eRate cons. The efficiency of this automated process is two-fold. While it assists our brokers and accounting auditors by automatically indexing the rate confirmation into imaging for them, this also helps our carriers. As companies are currently working from home, there are many dispatchers who don’t have access to scanners or printers. This makes it difficult to print, sign, scan and return a paper rate confirmation. With the eRate confirmation, the days of paper and scanners are a thing of the past. The carrier can electronically accept the load and all parties have a copy of the confirmation. No need to be in an office setting for this to take place.”

Carrier Onboarding Process

“Our current onboarding process provides the same advantages as the eRate Confirmation. The paper aspect is removed, and automation pushes all of our required data into McLeod reducing the amount of manual data entry. The onboarding process allows for a carrier to be vetted and have numerous bits of important information entered into their file within very few minutes. This process allows one user to vet hundreds of carriers per week whether working from the office or remotely.”

Email to Imaging

“The email to imaging tool allows our auditing team to operate so efficiently that we never need to increase staff temporarily for spikes in load volume throughout the year. The tool allows for hundreds of load documents to be indexed into McLeod’s Imaging database quickly. The tool streamlines the original ‘print to imaging’ process by eliminating extra steps, mouse clicks, dropdown boxes, and such. After a quick study, KCH determined that this tool increased the amount of loads an auditor could audit by 75%.”

McLeod Anywhere App

“The McLeod Anywhere App is a great tool for outside the office settings. There are times when the personnel who approve credit increases or handle setup for new carriers are not at work. They could be out on an errand or engaged in something after hours. But there are times when action needs to be taken quickly, and the McLeod app makes this very easy and accessible. Our carrier compliance department is able to approve a carrier 24/7 with the help of the McLeod Anywhere app. Without it, our brokers would be at a disadvantage when they find themselves attempting to cover a load in emergency situations for our customers.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has clearly brought new challenges for KCH, Whitten said. A central component of KCH’s company culture is the commitment to helping each other. This is something Whitten learned from his time working at FedEx and it’s a quality he sees at McLeod Software.

“McLeod is the best vendor and partner KCH has,” he said. “This is not just about the great software tools. It’s that people at McLeod take the time to understand our business.” The support from McLeod has been exemplary, according to Whitten. “They don’t treat you like you’re just a ticket number in the system. Their approach truly fosters loyalty.”

This is not just about the great software tools. It’s that people at McLeod take the time to understand our business.” – Jason Whitten, President & CEO of KCH Transportation

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