Moving Ahead During the COVID-19 Emergency

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Customer Case Studies

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At McLeod Software, we understand that we serve one of the most critical industries in the United States. If trucking fails, the country fails. We also understand that our system is crucial to ongoing operations and business continuity for our customers.

We are excited this week as McLeod University is being conducted in our Training Center once again.  The Ignition/Foundation Training class is being held live at our headquarters. We are also conducting, in parallel, an Online Ignition/Foundation Training class as travel restrictions are continuing to lift.  We are conducting both Live and Online classes to ensure customer projects remain on track and you are able to bring newly hired employees up to speed.

We will continue to monitor and adjust McLeod University offerings to best serve our customers in this rapidly changing environment.

At McLeod Software, we continue to take extraordinary measures to make sure we can support your system and your team during the COVID-19 crisis. Our support team is enabled with the tools, connectivity, and infrastructure needed to ensure the continuity of support for our customers.

There will be no changes in the way you, our customers, communicate with us during this crisis. Our phone and email support channels will continue to function as they do now. There are no new or different procedures for you, our customers, to request or receive support services from McLeod Software.

We are also intent on doing our part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. We have implemented the following changes for training classes, meetings, and customer visits:

  • We will continue to make customer on-site visits for training and implementation projects when the customer wants the scheduled on-site visit to occur, and it does not conflict with the customer’s travel or visitor policies, and the qualified people from McLeod are available and able/allowed to make that visit or trip to the customer site. If there are local travel restrictions, or transportation is unavailable, we may not be able to accomplish the visit. We may also be constrained by the number of our qualified people who are available for any specific visit.

  • Our sales team will continue to make customer on-site visits, when the customer wants the scheduled on-site visit to occur, if it does not conflict with the customer’s travel or visitor policies, and our team members are able to make that visit or trip to the customer location.

  • We are curtailing scheduled customer/partner visits to McLeod Software offices during the emergency. We will work with each customer to schedule the appropriate type of audio/video conferences and meetings to ensure that the goals for what would normally be done in a visit move forward in the same timeframe.

We will evaluate each of these measures on a week-by-week basis and make a determination if we should continue with the restrictions or return to our normal routines.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you. For more information on class schedules, please visit the Training Section of our Customer Support web site. If you have any questions, please contact your support Account Manager or email us at your <CustomerCode> or

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