Six Ways Increased Visibility Benefits Your Fleet

Mobile comm systems can collect an array
of valuable data about your operations, including drivers’ hours-of-service status, tractor location, trailer location, arrival and departure times, refrigerated trailer temperature, and out-of-route occurrences.

McLeod’s LoadMaster takes that data and turns it into actionable information within several of its modules, including Driver Feasibility, Integrated Mapping, Rapid Alert Notification System, Driver Scorecard and more.

Here are just a six ways LoadMaster users can benefit from having the added visibility that mobile comm data can provide.

Pinpoint a Location

Use Find Near to see which available tractors
are closest to an order or which orders are closest to
an available tractor. Mobile comm data is used to
generate maps that show
the current positions of tractors and orders, so that you can match your tractors to nearby loads, improving overall utilization and efficiency.

Maximize Drivers’ Hours

Use Driver Feasibility to assess drivers’ hours-of-service status for a specific load. By tapping into drivers’ HOS data, this tool allows
you to track the hours drivers have available and
see quickly whether or not any specified driver can make a preassignment on time.

Streamline Communication

Users can view all mobile comm messages easily and in a single location. With one click, a dispatcher can view all of the mobile
comm messages that are feeding in. This can be done through the Order Planning screen so that there is no need to move to a different screen to view this information.

Improve Load Integrity

The integrity of refrigerated loads is important not only from a customer service aspect, but also from a regulatory perspective under the Food Safety Modernization Act. McLeod’s tools allow you to monitor reefer temperature and set points remotely and with the click of a mouse.

View minimum
and maximum
temperatures, the set
point, and the return air
temperature for each
order and insure you
are managing the reefer
shipment according to
the customer’s requirements for that commodity.

Improve Overall Efficiency

LoadMaster allows you to track arrival times and monitor out-of-route events, which maximizes your load planning and dispatching efforts. McLeod’s ETA-OOR module
uses real-time position data
from your mobile comm
system to project arrival
times and detect out-of-
route occurrences. ETA data
allows you to be proactive,
rather than reactive. Know
in advance if you’re going to be late or early and manage that outcome, rather than having an unexpected service failure or forcing a driver to cool their heels waiting on an appointment when you might be able to make
an adjustment in the appointment to prevent either circumstance. Find the exception so that you can manage by exception. Act in a timeframe that makes a difference.

Track Detention

McLeod’s Detention module uses mobile comm data to determine when your drivers are being detained and
it keeps a record of the length of detention. You can set up warning messages for the shipper or consignee when contractual detention limits are approaching. You can use this data to fully document your charges for detention and to negotiate with customers about reducing detention. The module can also help change shipper behavior, resulting in faster turn times and greater asset utilization, which is increasingly important as capacity within the industry tightens.

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