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The Belize Reports 

Manage Your Company from a Hammock in Belize by Using Four Essential Reports in LoadMaster and PowerBroker 

The indispensable foundation for smart business decisions is solid, accurate, real-time information. McLeod gives you that information - in detail and from multiple perspectives. Your LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems have the data you need to inform the decision-making process. In fact, the visibility that you can gain from four essential reports in these systems is so deep and broad that you could run your company based on this data. You could even lay in a hammock on the beach in Belize while managing your business, as long as you could access these reports through a mobile device. That’s why McLeod Customer Advocate Randy Seals calls them the “Belize Reports.”

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Understanding How to Make the Best Use of Your Assets 

A deeper look into LoadMaster Reporting and Analysis 

The LoadMaster system has the data, reporting tools, and analytics that can provide the actionable information you need to make the best use of your assets. The trick is determining which information you need and feeding that information to the right people. When people have accurate, timely, and relevant information, they can make the decisions and take the actions that will bring the results you want.

You have to dive into your data and empower your people by providing them with the right information at the right time.

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Safety Solutions 

How Carriers can use LoadMaster to manage and improve safety

Safety has become a top priority in the transportation field. The CSA regulations affect every carrier’s ability to operate on our nation’s highways. Success or failure with safety strategies can be a direct contributor to profits or losses.

When you have a safety program that works well, you reduce your insurance costs, you prevent crippling lawsuits, and you increase driver retention. Better safety scores also make you more attractive to shippers. You stand out against the crowd. Getting there requires a focused effort, and at every step in this process, LoadMaster can be the tool that helps make it happen.

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Going Beyond Margin

How the McLeod Profitability Analysis module gives Logistics companies new ways to improve the bottom line

Margin is not profit. Logistics companies need to look at all of their costs, not just settlement costs. Data on margins is clearly useful, because it tells you how much you made on a single load or a group of loads, but it falls short in terms of giving you an accurate picture of profit, given that settlement costs aren't the only costs associated with doing business.
McLeod Customer Advocate, Randy Seals shows how the McLeod Profitability Analysis module gives Logistics companies new ways to improve the bottom line.

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Lane Analysis for Brokers 

How Brokers can use the Lane Analysis tools in PowerBroker to expand capacity, improve margins, and increase volume

Everyone knows that carriers pay great attention to their lanes, but do brokers and logistics providers need to dig in and gain a deep understanding of their lanes too? Of course they do. 

Randy Seals discusses how you can use the Lane Analysis tools in PowerBroker to expand capacity, improve your margins, and increase volume in this new white paper.

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A Clear Picture of Profitability

McLeod’s Profitability Analysis Module gives you visibility into costs, revenue, and profitability with unparalleled scope and sophistication.

This tool offers powerful information that can be used to address both immediate, short-term problems, and long-term strategic issues. Randy Seals explains how having this degree of visibility into all aspects of costs and revenue empowers you to manage your business with more precision than ever before.

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New Metrics and Fresh Strategies for Improvement 

McLeod’s Randy Seals takes a look at new ways to use information to boost your business.

One of our hurdles in the trucking business is breaking out of the mindset of, "We've always done it this way." Maybe you've always kept an eye on certain metrics, such as revenue, deadhead miles, loaded miles, and such. But are you looking for new and better ways to see how your business is running? Your software systems are full of valuable data, and we would like to suggest some new ways that you can put that information to use.

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The Importance of Keeping Score 

If you’re serious about improving your operations, you need to keep score of your performance, but you can’t do this effectively without information technology. McLeod Software recognizes the vital role Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) play in running your business. That’s why we’ve developed software tools that are specifically designed to put you in touch with the information you need to improve your business.

McLeod’s LoadMaster is the only product available today that can bring you all of these KPIs in real-time. You’ll be able to keep score more accurately and more easily than you ever have before. Real-time access to critical information will put you in the position to make the changes that push performance to the next level.

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Squeezing Fuel Costs 

Unless you’re very diligent about adjusting your fuel surcharge to reflect fuel price changes, you may not be getting back your fair share from your customers. Plus, your fuel surcharge isn’t helping you pay for the added fuel costs coming from deadhead miles and Out-of-Route (OOR) miles.

Did you know that you can pay less for fuel, get paid by your customers more quickly, master your fuel surcharge, reduce your unpaid miles, and you can improve your fleet’s fuel efficiency. The trick is having the right tools and knowing how to use them. Here are five practical ways to keep fuel costs down and profits up.

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Challenges and Solutions for Temperature-Controlled Carriers 

How to use software technology to master critical business issues.

The tough hurdles that come with transporting temperature-sensitive freight mean that there is intense pressure to make the right business decisions every step of the way. Today the game-changer for temperature-controlled carriers is the intelligent use of software technology. How do the leading companies in this industry segment use software tools to succeed? What are the fundamental challenges and the best solutions? Find out today.

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Keys to Success 

Using KPIs to Improve Operational Performance

Trucking is a tough business. Many companies are succeeding in this highly competitive industry, but there are also plenty who aren’t doing so well. The carriers who do succeed are the ones who knoew where they want to go, go there as often as they can, get paid what they want for going there, and load their trucks again after they land. The carriers who take any load available and go everywhere don't survive.

Learn what Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are, why they're so valuable, and how you can use them to improve operational performance.

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Optimizing Profits

If you’re a truckload carrier and your fleet has grown to over two hundred trucks, it’s a safe bet that you’ve got some low hanging opportunities for improvement. This doesn’t mean that you’re not running a tight shop. It simply means that juggling loads for that many trucks is complex. 

When fleets get this size, it becomes humanly impossible to calculate all of the options quickly and accurately. The result is that money is being left on the table, and it’s not small change. That’s why the combination of software tools from McLeod Software and Manhattan Associates is so vital.

Learn how the Driver&Load and Drop&Swap modules from Manhattan Associates work with McLeod’s LoadMaster Enterprise Soluion to improve your bottom line.

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Business Process Improvement

What brokers gain when processes are streamlined.

Successful freight brokers of every size are always looking for ways to become more efficient. The key is using a systematic method, supported by a modern workflow and imaging software system, to improve and automate business processes.

The software tools available today can help you streamline your day-to-day operations in several ways that directly affect your bottom line. With this technology in place, you can remove some of the steps in your business process while dramatically reducing errors.

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Managing by Exception

A strategy that enables logistics companies to leap forward.

With the right IT tools in place, brokerage/logistics companies can utilize the strategy of managing by exception. Managing by exception makes it possible to sweep aside unproductive chores and concentrate on the tasks that truly affect your business success. 

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