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Customer Case Studies

Use Mobile Communications Data to Ignite Improvement Strategies

Greenbush Logistics mines integrated data from mobile communications and LoadMaster to develop profitable new business strategies.

“We’ve improved efficiency in several ways by feeding mobile comm data into our McLeod tools,” said Mills Carter, analytics director for Greenbush. “Visibility into our truck locations allowed us to transform our business. A spike in demand for Great Southern Wood products recently meant a sharp increase in loads for Greenbush. Had we not made the gains in efficiency, we wouldn’t have been able to handle the increased volume.”

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Data-Driven Trucking

P&S Transportation's data-conscious business culture paves the way for using analytics to transform big data into big insight.

Changing a company’s business culture in any significant way is hard work. It requires working on multiple fronts simultaneously. Mauricio Parades discusses the strategies P&S Transportation has employed in their work of creating a data-driven culture.

"At P&S Transportation, we are creating the data-conscious culture that is essential for our growth by ensuring our data is clean, establishing data champions within each department, and using cutting-edge technology from McLeod and Microsoft for data analytics."
-Mauricio Paredes

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McLeod Brings the Power of Automation to the Rate Confirmation Process

Zipline Logistics and Syfan Transport use the Logix Solutions eRate Confirmation Workflow to save time and boost efficiency.

“We’re seeing really quick turnarounds with the eForm rate cons. Within just a couple of minutes, a lot of them are going from sent to received."
— Rick Althoff, Zipline Logistics

“Paper is expense and time. If you’ve got to print it out, if you’ve got to handle a piece of paper, you’ve wasted time, so the more you can go paperless, the less time you have wasted.”
— Diana Bullington, Syfan Transport

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Put Your Mobile Communications System to Work

Big M Diesel Express boosts efficiency and profits by integrating mobile communications with LoadMaster.

“We want every technology that we use to be integrated with McLeod so that it’s part of the LoadMaster order planning screen or accessible quickly from that screen,” said Wes Davis, CFO at Big M. “If people need to go to a website to find out what the drivers’ hours are or to do something as simple as handling cash advances or fueling, it wastes their time. It makes more sense to keep things in McLeod. It reduces the burden on the driver managers and gives
them more time for other tasks.”

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McLeod IQ: Make Gains & Keep Them

Criss Wilson, who serves as Vice President of operations for Barton Logistics, speaks about the advantages that the company has gained through the use of McLeod IQ.

From continuous improvement strategies, to boosting net margin, hear from Criss about all of the ways Barton Logistics is making full use of the tools available in McLeod IQ.

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Bring New Carriers Onboard Faster

McLeod’s Logix Solutions Carrier Onboarding workflow tool empowers Cardinal Transport to say goodbye to their carrier onboarding headaches of the past.

Brokers and logistics companies are always working to expand their carrier networks. But bringing new carriers onboard can be a cumbersome manual process that eats up precious time. can be an efficient automated process that requires very little time. That’s if you make use of the Logix Solutions Carrier Onboarding Workflow from McLeod.

Shari Talkington, who manages the process of bringing new carriers onboard, shares how this tool has made life easier for Cardinal Transport.

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McLeod IQ: Analyzing Data & Taking Actions to Drive Productivity

Hogan Logistics targets inefficiencies by creating performance metrics through McLeod IQ.

If you want to take actions to drive productivity, you have to know which actions to take. You have to figure out where the problems are. You must measure your performance both before and after you make changes. 

With McLeod IQ, you can access the vast array of data in your LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems, as well as 3rd party sources. Drag and drop data into the reporting tool of your choice, such as Microsoft Excel and Power BI, and create customized metrics that reveal the inner workings of every aspect of your business.

Ben Strickler, Vice President of Hogan Logistics, says, “I think IQ is definitely a tool that all brokers can use. Regardless of the size of your company, if you’re not using your data to promote growth, then you’re missing opportunities.”

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Streamline Billing with Logix Solutions Billing & Settlements

Doug Andrus Distributing is getting bills out much faster with the help of this essential Logix Solutions tool.

In the business world, once your work is done, it’s time to submit the bill. Unfortunately for the trucking industry, it’s not that simple. Carriers and brokers face the time-consuming chore of ensuring all documentation connected to an order has been gathered before the invoice can be submitted to the customer. But what if you had an invisible engine working for you around the clock to handle this menial work? 

Erica Moore and Tricia Spackman explain how Doug Andrus Distributing has used Logix Solutions Billing and Settlements to cut their billing cycle and improve their cash flow — “Before we started using this tool, it took us an average of 6 days from delivery to billing. Since then, we’ve cut it to an average of 3 to 4 days. As a result, our average DSO has gone from 35 days to 30 days.”

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McLeod IQ: Using Data to Enhance Customer Relationships and Boost Sales

Kingsgate Transportation's IQ-based dashboards enable improvements and provide unique visibility for shippers.

What can you do to improve customer service? What strategies should you pursue to increase sales? What can you offer shippers that your competitors can’t?

Good, solid answers to these questions hinge on your ability to know and understand your business, both from an overall perspective and in detail. McLeod IQ has you covered.

Tom Curee, Vice President of Logistics for Kingsgate Transportation, says, “One of the beauties of IQ is its flexibility and this has allowed us to do some creative new things with our metrics.”

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Gain Greater Visibility, Manage Costs, and Empower Your Staff

Do members of your staff know how well they’re performing? Do you know if you’re making money on each load? Can you track and manage your deadhead easily? 

McLeod LoadMaster users can answer these questions and many more. The data is there. McLeod customers gain visibility into their business that allows them and everyone on their staff to make decisions and take actions that boost efficiency and increase profit.

Kelle’s Transport Service and Sharp Transportation are two carriers who have used LoadMaster’s visibility to track costs, build scorecards, and make informed decisions, and they are getting results that show up on the bottom line.

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Managing Logistics by the Numbers

Managers at the most successful logistics companies gain visibility into the business by tracking the right KPIs — Key Performance Indicators. But which KPIs are the most important? How do you act on what they tell you and use the numbers to coach your staff? And what is the best way to get started with KPIs in the logistics world?

Managers from LTI Delivers, Syfan Transport, Best Logistics, and Barton Logistics offer their insights into managing by the numbers.

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Getting the ROI: How Investing in McLeod Software Pays Off for Carriers 

Every major capital investment a company makes must bring a solid return on the money spent. McLeod Software users are getting a powerful ROI in a variety of ways. Companies can point directly to savings derived from leaner and better processes, improved asset utilization, faster cash flows, and lower labor expenses. In addition, improved operations bring a return that goes beyond simple ROI calculations.

The bottom line is that by making the move to McLeod, companies reap a solid ROI from improvements across the enterprise. They operate more efficiently and have higher productivity. They elevate their customer service and make life better for their drivers. They use McLeod’s automated work processes and real-time visibility into operations to gain a competitive edge. Styer Transportation and Parrish Leasing have tangible and concrete examples. Managers from these two companies share how their companies have profited from investing in McLeod.

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Getting Answers from the McLeod IQ Cube 

McLeod IQ is a business intelligence platform that allows you to define every parameter and KPI without custom programming. Gain the power of deep analytics using the Microsoft Power BI tool set, and even Excel pivot tables, so you can dive in and understand the most complex relationships and trends in your business the way you want, when you want.

Criss Wilson, Vice President at Barton Logistics, shares how the company is digging deeper into their data with McLeod IQ by answering these questions:

  • How does Barton Logistics interface with McLeod IQ?
  • How do they manipulate their view of the data to get answers?
  • How has McLeod IQ helped Barton Logistics?
  • What is Criss' advice for getting started with McLeod IQ?

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Corralling Profitability: K & L Freight Management and L.J. Rogers Trucking Use McLeod's Profitability Analysis to Gain Insight and Make More Profitable Choices

Brokers are finding a new way to boost profits. The strategy is to expand the effort beyond the traditional focus on margin, because profit is affected by an assortment of costs in addition to settlement costs. By using McLeod’s Profitability Analysis module to analyze these costs, brokers are empowered to take action to reduce costs and improve the bottom line.

K & L Freight Management and L.J. Rogers Trucking are capitalizing on the opportunities that come with access to precise data on brokerage costs. Through Profitability Analysis, they gain visibility into every cost component that affects their business. Read this case study to learn about their strategies for success.

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Key Performance Indicators in Action: Representatives from R.E. Garrison Trucking, Don Hummer Trucking, and P&S Transportation Offer KPI Strategies

KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are metrics that can help you run your business. They are the numbers that allow you to gauge your performance and react in ways that improve the business. McLeod LoadMaster and PowerBroker users have access to extensive sets of data that provide visibility into every aspect of the business in a relevant context. If you identify the information that is most vital to your business strategy, track it consistently, and present it to the members of your staff who need to see it, actions can be taken that will elevate performance and improve the bottom line. 

The management of Don Hummer Trucking, R.E. Garrison Trucking, and P&S Transportation offer some time-tested strategies for making the best use of these vital metrics.

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Lane Analysis Lessons: Nick Strimbu Shares Techniques for Using McLeod's Lane Analysis to Improve Asset Utilization and Freight Network Profitability

McLeod’s Lane Analysis within LoadMaster has provided a wealth of vital information about the lanes we run at Nick Strimbu, Inc. With just a few clicks, we can see where we’re making money and where we’re not. This detailed visibility into our lanes is allowing us to take actions to make many of our customers more profitable for us. We’ve turned around lanes that were bad by either negotiating for higher rates or finding ways to decrease the deadhead.

Before having LoadMaster and Lane Analysis, dispatchers were making handwritten notes about where our trucks were going. Our dispatch system didn’t have many reporting options, so we were creating custom reports in an attempt to gain a better picture of how each lane was performing. These manual reports and handwritten charts were our version of lane analysis, but we were just scratching the surface of what was possible. We never came close to the exhaustive view that we have now with LoadMaster’s Lane Analysis.

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Achieving Maturity in Customer Relationship Management: McLeod Users Talk About Using CRM

CRM can be extremely effective if you are disciplined and use the tool in ways that support a concrete set of goals for advancing your customer relationships. The McLeod CRM module is designed specifically for the freight transportation industry, and it brings the power of the entire McLeod Software LoadMaster Enterprise or PowerBroker system to the task. By being completely native to LoadMaster and PowerBroker, McLeod CRM delivers all of the data and tools your sales staff need in a system familiar to everyone.

Meadow Lark Companies, GIX Logistics, Kingsgate Transportation, and Eagle Transportation are four freight transportation companies that are using McLeod CRM to find new customers and boost revenue from existing customers. Representatives from these companies share their experiences of the advantages this tool can bring.

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Big M Transportation Fosters a New Mindset on Safety

“We’re trying to bring a whole new mindset to safety,”says Wes Davis, CFO at Big M Transportation. “We want everyone thinking about safety constantly. It’s not just about getting that load there on time.”

"The templates and data repositories within the LoadMaster system facilitate the work of documenting every accident, incident, and safety event. Having all safety data in one place makes it possible to use the information to gain insight into the company’s safety record from multiple angles."

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A.M. Transport Uses McLeod's Market Insight, Rapid Alert Notification System, and eRate Confirmation to Fuel Rapid Growth

At A.M. Transport we want to be as efficient as possible. Put the right tools in the right hands, and it becomes possible to work faster and with greater accuracy. McLeod’s Market Insight, Rapid Alert Notification System, and eRate Confirmation are three software tools that have empowered our staff to work more efficiently than ever before. It’s clear that the use of these products is one of the reasons our business is growing rapidly.

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Ralph Moyle, Inc. Uses McLeod's Detention Module to Improve Scheduling, Facilitate Detention Billing, and Make Life Better for Drivers

When drivers are detained at loading docks, all sorts of problems can arise. Even though it’s not always possible to eliminate detention entirely, there are ways to minimize the problems.

At Ralph Moyle, Inc., we decided it was time to improve the way we managed detention, and McLeod’s Detention module gave us the tools we needed to make life better for our drivers and reduce the difficulties detention was causing for our business. Now we’re managing detention with less labor, making it easier for our drivers, and billing for detention as it happens. We can schedule loads more accurately and manage capacity more precisely.

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Central Pennsylvania Transport and Ralph Moyle, Inc. Gain an Edge by Taking Advantage of New Capabilities in LoadMaster Enterprise

McLeod's high level of ongoing investment and commitment to innovation ensures that innovative new features are introduced with each new version of LoadMaster. We listen carefully to the requests and suggestions from our customers. Their input helps drive the new capabilities that give McLeod users an advantage.

Central Pennsylvania Transportation and Ralph Moyle, Inc. are two carriers that have recently upgraded their LoadMaster systems. Learn more about their upgrade experiences in this case study.

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Best Logistics Says Goodbye to Paper and Uses DocumentPower to Streamline Billing and Settlements

"McLeod's DocumentPower system has allowed us to bring business process automation to our billing and settlements processes, and the advantages are undeniable. We can handle a higher volume of loads with the same staff. With a streamlined billing process, we get paid faster, so cash flow improves. An improved settlement process ensures that our carriers get paid on time. It all means that we're creating a more efficient, more profitable business that gets things done much faster," says Paul Davis, Jr. Manager of Process Improvment & Training for Best Logistics

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Meadow Lark Agency Eliminated Paper and Fax Based Rate Confirmations with McLeod's Logix eForms

According to Meadow Lark Agency Executive Assistant Karmel Dabner, with Logix eForms, Meadow Lark saves time, prevents errors, and keeps the rate confirmation process from getting accidentally sidetracked or ignored. "By automating the process, we know that most of the rate confirmations we send out will be handled without delay," she says. The learning curve for the staff at Meadow Lark was minimal. "It was so easy that the most difficult task was accepting that the system was handling the process," Dabner says.

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LoadMaster's Vital Signs Empowers Doug Andrus Distributing to Boost Performance and Increase Profitability

"One of the best business decisions you can make is to ensure that you fully understand the software technology currently available. At Doug Andrus we've been learning how to use LoadMaster's Vital Signs, and the payoff has been huge. We use Vital Signs in our business on a daily basis today, and our investment in McLeod Software is paying more dividends better than ever before."

-Clay Murdoch, President of Doug Andrus Distributing

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P&S Transportation Uses McLeod's Driver Scorecard to Evaluate and Coach Drivers

"Objective driver metrics are precisely what we get from McLeod Software’s Driver Scorecard module. We’ve been using McLeod’s LoadMaster dispatch software for many years, and the efficiency gains that LoadMaster brings have played an instrumental role in P&S’s rapid growth. The Driver Scorecard module allows us to mine the vast range of data that already exists in our LoadMaster system. This data provides the facts needed to create objective measures for driver performance."

-Houston Vaughn, Chief Operating Officer for P&S Transportation

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ZMac Transportation Solutions Uses McLeod's Rapid Alert Notification System to Boost Business Performance

"One of our most indispensable tools is the functional equivalent of having an employee who is aware of everything that goes on in the business and works 24/7 without ever needing sleep. That tool is McLeod's Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS), and we use it as an add-on module to our McLeod PowerBroker software."

- Matt Ziegler, President of ZMac Transportation Solutions

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MinStar Transport Uses McLeod's Lane Analysis to Create Denser, More Profitable Lanes

"At MinStar Transport, we think of our lanes as assets that we own. We take this approach because it’s too easy for OTR trucking companies to ignore the central role that lanes play in overall business success. Everyone understands that carriers invest hard dollars in purchasing equipment and paying drivers, but it’s also true that time, energy, and dollars are invested in lanes. That’s why it’s a good idea to take ownership of your lanes, analyze them, and make sure that you’re going where you need to go...

"In order to thoroughly evaluate your lanes, you need access to a broad range of lane data and the ability to analyze that data in multiple ways. The software tool that delivers those capabilities is the Lane Analysis feature within the McLeod LoadMaster system."

-Jody Farley, General Manager of MinStar Transport

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Greenbush Logistics Uses McLeod's ETA/Out-of-Route Module to Boost Productivity and Reduce Costs

"McLeod’s ETA/OOR module is an example of a tool that frames an environment for success. It functions as a guardrail that keep everyone from straying off the path...We track loads in progress, and when we see that we’re ahead of schedule, we try to re-schedule the delivery time, which allows us to reschedule the pick-up time for that truck’s next load. Our drivers are getting more miles, we’re getting more out of our assets, and we’ve improved the metric known as “velocity.”

We don’t waste time tracking every driver. Instead we focus only on the ones who are running out-of-route...We haven’t reduced staff, but the ETA/OOR module allows us to do more with the people we have. We’re more effective and efficient. One of the key reasons is that we can manage by exception."

-Travis Williams, Greenbush Logistics Director of Operations

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Load Delivered Logistics Uses PowerBroker's Vital Signs to Drive Continuous Improvement

“Every day, every hour, we’re looking at our internal Vital Signs so that we can make decisions on how best to service customers. We have real-time data that’s helping everyone on our team make timely decisions. The ability to make decisions quickly in the flow of work each day puts us at a clear advantage over the companies that don’t have such immediate access to critical information.”

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Priefert Logistics Jumps Ahead with LoadMaster and PowerBroker Upgrade

"There are business opportunities that we have pursued that we would not have pursued without this upgrade. We’re extremely pleased with the upgrade. It has given us the ability to control costs more effectively, control capacity more effectively, and improve time-management throughout the organization. McLeod has a really good product. I’ve worked in a number of dispatch software systems, and in my opinion, McLeod exceeds the quality of any other dispatch software on the market."

-Garland Hutson, Priefert Logistics General Manager

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OverDrive Logistics Improves Operational Efficiency with their PowerBroker Upgrade

When asked why Overdrive Logistics chose to upgrade its McLeod’s PowerBroker software, Ashley Grosch, Overdrive’s operations manager, explains, “We felt like it was time to take the next step.” The work of connecting shippers with carriers in the brokerage world requires the ability to manage mounds of information and documentation efficiently.

For Overdrive, taking the next step meant gaining much greater ease of access to information. Grosch stresses three valuable features they acquired when they upgraded PowerBroker:

  1. We can enter more information on one screen.
  2. We can search for information more thoroughly.
  3. We attach files to comments so that information is precisely where we need it to be.

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LTI Trucking Services Improves Bottom Line and Saves $370,000

“We wanted to better manage our operations by reducing costs and out-of-route and deadhead mileage, and continuously provide our customers the highest quality transportation service possible,” says Nicholas Civello, Owner and President LTI Trucking Services.

“McLeod Software has improved our performance and made us a better operating company. It gives us a competitive edge as we grow and has opened the door for us to increase business. It has exceeded our expectations so we can exceed those of our customers.”

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Trans Dynamics, Inc. Saves Nearly $44,000 Annually in Administrative Costs While Managing Growth of 25%

"McLeod Software's PowerBroker system has allowed us to reach a whole new level of performance. While we have grown almost 25% in the number of loads covered and increased revenue by over 19%, our productivity and efficiency have improved dramatically since we adopted the brokerage ad logistics management system," says Keith Gereghty, Executive Vice President Trans Dynamics, Inc.

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J.H. Rose Logistics Saves $169,000 in Administrative Costs While Growing Over 25%

McLeod Software's PowerBroker Solution has helped this freight broker and logistics firm improve productivity and manage its growth without additions to administrative staff.

In the first year alone, we realized a return on our investment in PowerBroker with a savings of $169,000 in administratice costs while growing over 25% in revenues, says Amy Noyes, VP Operations J.H. Rose Logistics

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Amhof Trucking Increases Cash Flow by 10 to 14 Days with DocumentPower Enterprise

"With DocumentPower Enterprise, we've improved cash flow by 10 to 14 days, because we are able to significantly speed up the billing cycle. By reducing our Accounts Receivable by $200,000 and our labor, printing, postage, and storage costs by more than $25,000 annually, our ROI on this product was rapid and obvious," says Roger Amhof, CEO Amhof Trucking.

"We're very pleased with our choice of DocumentPower Enterprise. This solution has not only cut costs and improved cash flow, but our customers are very receptive to it. The software has worked flawlessly and has definitely lightened our load."

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Doug Andrus Distributing Cuts Cost more than $100,000 per Year with DocumentPower Enterprise

McLeod's Imaging document management system is not only a huge time saver, it has also cut our expenses for postage and administrative staff, and vastly improved our billing and cash cycles. With DocumentPower Enterprise, we experienced a return on investment of less than one year, and we are now saving money and time every day," says Jason Andrus, CFO Doug Andrus Distributing.

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