Managing Driver Detention with Decker Truck Line

January 24, 10:00 am CST

Jennifer Brim, Director of Training and Development, Decker Truck Line
Dustin Strickland, Product Manager LoadMaster Enterprise, McLeod Software

Driver detention is destructive. It robs you of capacity, which is drivers’ HOS, and causes frustration in your driver pool, which contributes to turnover. Losing capacity in this era of the ELD is tough. The good news is that it can get much better for those carriers who proactively manage detention. The best companies that manage detention collect for it, while at the same time, drive it down by getting the shippers and consignees to respond. But you can only be effective at managing detention, if you have the automation to support the process.

Learn how McLeod’s Detention module helped Decker Truck Line recoup costs caused by detention with less labor, bill for it as it happens, and make life easier for their drivers. Now they schedule loads more accurately and manage capacity more precisely.

Join us for this brief webinar to learn more about how you can get paid for detention!

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