Paperless Efficiency with eRate Confirmations

August 23, 10:00am CDT

Jonathan May, Director of Product Marketing, McLeod Software
Ryan Sparrow, Product Manager DocumentPower, McLeod Software
Diana Bullington, IT Manager, Syfan Logistics

McLeod’s  Logix Solutions eRate Confirmation simplifies the rate confirmation process with carriers by creating an electronic form to capture, record, and automate the workflow process, so get ready to put that fax machine in the dumpster!

With this solution, you can send your carrier a web link to complete the rate confirmation. Once they hit submit, all of their data flows into your fields within McLeod Software’s PowerBroker, and sets the status so that you visually know the rate confirmation process is complete. It eliminates the need for further data entry, so you don’t waste time entering that data or risk data-entry errors.

Learn how Syfan Logistics is using this valuable solution to gain efficiency!

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