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The Power of Performance Visibility

Load Delivered Logistics Uses PowerBroker's Vital Signs to Drive Continuous Improvement 

The Power of Performance Visibility, a McLeod Software Case StudyFrom the start, Load Delivered Logistics CEO Robert Nathan wanted to know his team’s stats. For Nathan, this meant more than viewing only the big picture numbers. He also wanted the details for each individual. “If you’re a baseball player, you look at your individual stats as well as your team’s stats,” says Nathan. “If you’re running a large brokerage trading house, you’re looking at how each individual is trading and his or her stock performance. We believe it’s very similar in the trucking industry. You have to analyze individual statistics as well as team statistics.”

The ability to make decisions quickly in the flow of work each day puts us at a clear advantage over the companies that don't have such immediate access to critical information.
-Danny Simon, Vice President

We can be proactive, not reactive. We can stay one step ahead of the game.
-Robert Nathan, CEO

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