Using Technology To Help Manage Your Drivers


A Look at the Tools that McLeod Software Can Offer

By Randy Seals, McLeod Software Customer Advocate

The Eleventh Rule: Use Technology Wisely

Even though driver relations are fundamentally matters of human interaction, technology has a vital role to play. Used wisely, the right software will support your efforts to improve driver management.

The vital task of managing your drivers is largely a matter of human interaction, so where does technology come in? What opportunities are there for using software tools to assist with driver relations? Doesn't technology tend to get in the way?

Technology does have a crucial role to play with managing drivers, and it doesn't get in the way when it's used wisely. As with any tool, software can help or hinder your efforts. It depends entirely on how you use it. Here are three ways that McLeod Software tools can be used to support driver management.

Use LoadMaster Driver Scorecard to make it easy to evaluate and track driver performance.

Which drivers are doing a great job and which are creating a series of problems that you have to fix? It may seem that your dispatch staff has a good handle on driver performance, but in the end, you need cold, hard facts. You need to be able to look at a report that gives you numbers on claims, all relevant safety records, on-time performance data, and more. McLeod's Driver Scorecard gives you the full picture. At a glance, you will be able to see how every driver on your payroll is performing in terms of every vital statistic.

Use LoadMaster Symphony Mobile Communications to help manage driver home time.

Given how much of their drivers spend away from home, one of the most powerful ways you can promote driver satisfaction is to increase the opportunities for them to get back to their families. McLeod's Symphony Mobile Communications module allows you to track home time, so you can easily see which drivers need to get home more often, and the driver screen includes fields for noting the dates of important family events. Most of us are always around our families for fun times, such as birthdays and high school graduations, or scary times, such as critical medical procedures, but it's not so easy for drivers. If you know about the dates, you may be able to adjust schedules as needed. This is a perfect example of how technology can make life better for your drivers.

Managing your drivers well has never been more critical than it is today, and one of the smartest moves you can make is to use technology to help. This is just one more way that McLeod gives you the ability to do more.

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