McLeod Software


The Value of a Hosted McLeod Solution


Gain Flexibility and Security While Reducing Labor Expenses and Capital Outlays

By Ben Barnes, McLeod Software Systems Team

Every company that uses McLeod Software applications is offered a crucial option. You can procure your own servers and run the applications locally on your premises, or you can run your entire system from a remote set of servers provided and managed by McLeod’s IT infrastructure team. If you’ve never learned about McLeod Application Hosting, here are some important facts that you should know.

McLeod Application Hosting offers a broad range of features.
We provide the hardware, operating system, database and terminal services for your McLeod applications, plus all of the normal administrative services that would be required to manage on-premises servers. We host and support the applications remotely on secure and reliable servers via Rackspace®, an industry leader in cloud-based IT infrastructure.

McLeod Application Hosting includes:
• Systems administration
• User ID management, permissions, security
• Full system and database backups
• Database administration
• Remote network connections for the servers
• Internet connectivity for the server
• EDI connectivity for the server
• Hardware failure monitoring and repair services
• Operating system, virus protection, security, and database software support, maintenance and upgrades
• System performance and status monitoring

You gain a level of security far beyond what most companies can provide on their own.
Companies that use their own servers face dangerous risks if disaster strikes. Damaged servers mean the application will be non-functional for an indefinite period of time. Crucial data can be permanently lost. The business may never recover.

With McLeod Application Hosting, these dangers are eliminated almost entirely. Here is a partial list of the security features that are included:
• Triple redundant internet connection with multiple vendors
• Redundant power grid connections
• Full back up generators
• Underground bunker
• High level of physical security
• Servers on site for failover
• Full set of spare parts on site
• 1 hour to repair hardware guarantee
• 1 hour to restore guarantee for software
• Zero delays for capacity expansion (24 hours to double or triple capacity if requested)
• System performance tuning by McLeod
• 24/7/365 System intrusion detection
• Monthly security audits
This amounts to a level of risk protection that would be far beyond the reach of most companies.

You save money on labor and reduce your capital investment in IT equipment.
You avoid the expense of finding, hiring, and retaining additional IT professionals to administer and manage your McLeod applications and the servers that support them. You also avoid the capital cost of the servers. All you will need is a local area network in your offices to support local PC workstations and printers and a high speed internet connection with a virtual private network to insure data security.

You can have it all—right now!
Application hosting from McLeod is also the fastest way to get your applications up and online. It eliminates a lot of steps from ordering hardware and staging it, to installing it on your site. If the networking capability is already in place at your offices, McLeod can install your applications and bring them up on our hosted servers in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional on-premises hardware installation.

In short, McLeod Application Hosting gives you an unprecedented level of flexibility in scaling your IT infrastructure and we have it for you—right now!