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Protect One of Your Most Valuable Assets - Your Data


McLeod's New Virtual Database Administrator Monitors Critical Systems So You Can Sleep Well at Night

By Ben Barnes, Systems Director at McLeod Software

Consider these simple facts:
• Your company’s data is vitally important to your business success.
• All of your software systems depend on access to your server’s database.
• Without the proper attention to your database by highly-skilled IT personnel, you run the risk of diminished systems efficiency, costly downtime, and corrupted data. In the worst cases, you may lose critical data entirely.
• It may be cost prohibitive to hire an in-house database administrator who can address these issues.

McLeod is now offering a better solution - the Virtual Database Administrator (vDBA). McLeod vDBA remotely monitors critical database operations. If functional problems arise with the database, vDBA generates alerts that go out both to the McLeod vDBA team and designated staff at your company. Actions can then be taken to address minor issues before they become major problems. This ensures system availability, trouble-free operation, and optimal performance.

We’ve all learned the advantages of preventative maintenance on our cars. None of us would expect to drive 100,000 miles without having a skilled mechanic inspect and maintain the car’s engine, brakes, and other systems as needed. Databases need preventative maintenance as well, but too many companies are failing to address this need.

The Risks of Database Neglect

Databases are working constantly in the background, and without proper maintenance their performance degrades. Your database loses speed and efficiency, and in the worst cases, it crashes. Keep in mind that if your database crashes, LoadMaster, PowerBroker, and DocumentPower cannot function.

One of the essential business challenges is learning how to manage risk. What risks are you taking with your data? How much would it cost you to have your system down for one hour or longer? How much time are you losing trying to handle systems maintenance without the right IT personnel on staff?

It’s not easy to put a dollar figure on lost productivity, but it’s safe to say that unplanned system downtime is extremely expensive for businesses of any size. The same is true for the costs incurred when data is corrupted or lost. In the end, every successful business must take steps to avoid these outcomes.

The Benefits of McLeod vDBA

McLeod vDBA offers a wealth of advantages:
• Your systems are monitored around the clock. We install monitoring software that operates 24/7, ensuring that steps can be taken proactively to manage and restructure the database, so that it never degrades. End users never encounter any problems.
• You have access to technical support when you need it. You have access to support from highly-skilled and experienced database management professionals when you need it, so you avoid the high cost of hiring specialized IT personnel that you don’t need as full-time staff.
• You receive regularly scheduled reports. We provide a Monthly Health Report that has historical performance evaluation, database log events, and general system statistics.
• You get the benefits of McLeod expertise. Our vDBA team has direct access to the developers of your McLeod system. You don’t waste time trying to determine the root cause of system problems, because we’ll be able to see if software, data, or the database is causing the difficulty.

Sleep Well Knowing McLeod is Monitoring Your Systems Around the Clock

Your data is the lifeblood of your business, so you need to protect it. Let McLeod help. McLeod vDBA will monitor your systems around the clock and our team of highly-trained technicians will work with you to ensure optimal performance. You’ll sleep well knowing that your data is safe and available.