UC2018 Product Education Sessions

Best Practices for Configuring and Using the Driver Scorecard Module

Learn how to set up the LoadMaster Driver Scorecard for your company and understand best practices for using this tool to coach and recognize your drivers.

Carrier Scorecard

In this session, we will show you how to set up the new Carrier Scorecard in PowerBroker, and several current McLeod customers will share their best practices for configuring and using it in their daily operations.

LTL: Working with Your Carrier Partners

Learn about new features released in LoadMaster LTL Version 18.1 and lessons learned about working with third party carriers, delivery partners and terminals, including settlements and EDI.

Maintaining and Optimizing Operations Control Files

Maintaining your control files is a key part of your business. Our trainers will look at optimizing operations control files for both Asset and Brokerage operations.

Managing Your EDI

Your EDI performance is crucial to your company's image with your customers. There are many things you can do to improve and sustain your EDI performance, and in this session, we will share a number of the best practices you can implement today.

Reporting with McLeod IQ

McLeod IQ, our new data warehouse and Business Intelligence solution, is the easiest tool McLeod customers have ever had for custom reporting and analysis. Learn how it works and check out all of the possibilities it presents.

Setting Up and Using PowerBroker Callin Scripts

Learn about the new PowerBroker Callin scripts, how to set them up, and best practices for using them.

Setting Up Revenue and Expense Allocation

Learn how to set up Revenue and Expense Allocation in your McLeod system, and how it can be used in reporting.

Tax Reporting

In this session, you will learn the best ways to accomplish your full range of tax reporting tasks.

Using FlowLogix to Build Your Own Business Process Automation Solutions

McLeod FlowLogix, when purchased with the editor, is a powerful tool both carriers and brokers can use to build their own Business Process Automation and workflow solutions. Several McLeod customers will share how they have done this and their lessons learned along the way.

Using McLeod Anywhere

This session will include an overview of the capabilities, best practices, and practical uses for the McLeod Anywhere product.

Using McLeod Pricing 

Learn how to set up and use the McLeod Pricing module to become more efficient in your bid responses and  more effective in making the pricing decisions that go into those responses.

Using the McLeod API

In this session, we will give you a technical overview of the McLeod Application Program Interface (API) product, and how it can be used with web services for integration solutions with your LoadMaster and PowerBroker systems.

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