Private Notification Network

McLeod Software's Private Notification Network (PNN) provides automated posting of available orders or loads and tractors to preferred partners based on a set of predetermined profiles established by you. This allows you to automate the process of sending information on available orders or loads to selected carriers via email or fax as needed.

For LoadMaster® users, carriers can also improve equipment utilization by providing tractor availability to preferred customers.

For PowerBroker users, PNN automatically informs your carrier partners of available loads. Using a timetable established by you, it determines when to send the appropriate load information to the carrier you have chosen, automatically. PNN empowers these business partners to then respond immediately via fax, e-mail or phone.

Load Board Integration

PNN also provides for load postings to a multitude of vendor partners. To see the complete list, click here and scroll down to the PNN vendor listing. What does this mean for you? The loads you want posted to the internet load boards can be made available quickly to all of the participants in any of those load boards.

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