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Fact-Based Driver Management

P&S Transportation Uses McLeod's Driver Scorecard to Evaluate and Coach Drivers.

"Managing drivers is one of the primary challenges for every carrier. With more than 1,200 drivers on the P&S Transportation payroll, we cannot succeed and continue to grow without an effective way to evaluate driver performance. Of course, evaluation is only the first step; ultimately we want to take actions to reward and retain the best drivers, help the average drivers become excellent drivers, and identify the underperforming drivers who cannot or will not accept our coaching.

A subjective, seat-of-your-pants approach won’t cut it. If drivers don’t trust your data, you won’t have much credibility when you talk to them about their driving habits. Instead, you need a consistent, fact-based method. Driver performance metrics must be quantifiable and verifiable to the greatest degree possible.

Objective driver metrics are precisely what we get from McLeod Software’s Driver Scorecard module. We’ve been using McLeod’s LoadMaster® dispatch software for many years, and the efficiency gains that LoadMaster brings have played an instrumental role in P&S’s rapid growth. The Driver Scorecard module allows us to mine the vast range of data that already exists in our LoadMaster system. This data provides the facts needed to create objective measures for driver performance."

-Houston Vaughn, Chief Operating Officer for P&S Transportation

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