UC2018 Operations Excellence Process Management Sessions

Advanced Use of Rating and FSC

Our trainers will show you how to set up and make the best use of the McLeod Autorating engine and fuel surcharge.

Automating Your Back Office Part I: Billing, Settlements and AutoBilling

In the first of this two-session series on automating the back office, we will explore the current level of business process automation that companies are applying to the work, including the new autobilling capabilities.

Automating your Back Office Part II: Accelerate Your Billing, Manage Exceptions, and Manage Your Collections Process

Continuing the focus on back office processes, we will look at ways in which companies are accelerating their billing process, accelerating the resolution of exceptions, then proactively managing the collections process by incorporating business process automation.

Best Practices for Bringing New Employees Up to Speed

Learn how to bring new employees, who will be McLeod system users, up to speed and make them productive faster. In this session, we will share some tips that have proven successful.

Best Practices for Driver Management

McLeod trainers and customer advocates will share a set of best practices for using the system to support your driver management process.

Best Practices for Managing Detention

McLeod trainers and customers will show you best practices for setting up the Driver Detention module, along with using elements of RANS in your process. Learn how to be effective in your proactive efforts for managing detention, how to bill for it correctly, and most importantly get paid for detention charges.

Brokers: Managing & Automating Your Carrier Interactions

We will explore all of the opportunities for brokers to apply business process automation to their interactions with carriers, from onboarding to rate confirmation.

CRM Telemarketing Telephone Integration

McLeod CRM is a powerful tool for guiding your sales and marketing activities. It is even more powerful in this role, if you incorporate McLeod telephony integration as part of this solution.

LTL: Best Practices for P&D with Mobile Apps

Hear about lessons learned and best practices for deploying mobile apps in your LTL Pick Up and Delivery Operations.

LTL: Best Practices for BOL Processing Automation and Integrating Off Shore Resources

Learn how business process automation using FlowLogix can be applied to the LTL Billing cycle, and even how it works with off shore resources who work in the billing cycle.

LTL: Using the Rapid Alert Notification System with LoadMaster LTL

Learn how to set up McLeod's Rapid Alert Notification System (RANS) within LoadMaster LTL along with some  productive ways to use it in your LTL Operations.

Managing Safety

McLeod trainers will show you how to set up the Safety Module in your LoadMaster system, along with ways your safety team can use it more effectively.

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