UC2018 New Product Sessions

LoadMaster Enterprise Update

Learn about the new features in LoadMaster Enterprise. McLeod Software's growing investment in our core products is evident in these new features.

PowerBroker Update

Learn about the new features in PowerBroker. McLeod Software's growing investment in our core products is evident in these new features that bring many new capabilities to PowerBroker.

Logix Solutions Products Update 

The Logix Solutions family of complete Business Process Automation solutions built using McLeod's FlowLogix continues to grow. Learn about the latest innovations in off-the-shelf Business Process Automation.

McLeod IQ Update

McLeod IQ is the most powerful business intelligence solution in the transportation industry and one of McLeod’s fastest growing products. Learn about the new financial analysis module and other recent enhancements in the 2018 release.

LoadMaster LTL Overview

LoadMaster Enterprise and LoadMaster LTL are now a single system. In this session, learn how LoadMaster supports the 24/7 operations mode of an LTL carrier.

The New Detention Management Module

McLeod Software will soon release a re-engineered version of our popular Detention module. This tool is designed to help carriers notify shippers, document, bill, and collect for detention charges with business process automation that makes it easy for your staff.

DocumentPower & FlowLogix Update

New features have been added for both McLeod's DocumentPower Enterprise and FlowLogix products. Learn about these new capabilities.

McLeod’s New Carrier Mobile App

McLeod is introducing a brand new mobile app for PowerBroker customers to equip their carriers. It includes the ability to capture documents, track loads, and even offer additional loads to those carriers.

The McLeod Data Science Initiative

Those who attended last year's User Conference heard Tom McLeod talk about this initiative, which was just getting underway. This year you will learn about the first products we plan to release that will make use of adaptive analytics and machine learning to help our customers improve their profitability by making the right decisions about pricing and which freight to accept.

PowerBroker LTL Update

McLeod Software continues to enhance the capabilities of PowerBroker LTL. In this session, you will learn about the latest developments and new capabilities coming soon to PowerBroker LTL.

LoadMaster Driver Load Choice

In this session, we will preview the soon to be released Driver Choice module for LoadMaster. This tool will allow carriers to identify multiple loads that are a good fit for either an Owner/Operator or a company driver, and offer those loads for the driver to choose and self-dispatch by selecting the load. This new feature will be structured to work with our Driver Mobile App and the LoadMaster Driver Portal in a future release.

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