UC2018 McLeod University Training Classes

Custom Financials and Advanced Accounting Class

This two-part class will provide in-depth training on the Custom Financials report writer tool as well as advanced accounting training. The Custom Financials portion of the class will be hands-on, creating financials ranging from a simple income statement to more advanced reports that include revenue/cost per mile, percentages, budget information and prior period / year activity. We will also review the creation of a balance sheet, a cash flow statement and consolidated financials across multiple companies. During the advanced accounting portion of the class, we will provide best practices for important tasks such as rebilling, cash receipt adjustments, garnishment processing, escrow account tracking / reporting, accounts payable and end of period.

Reports and Analytics: Taking the Next Step

In this class, you will learn how to use Vital Signs, Lane and Profitability Analysis and other standard reporting options in your McLeod system to help drive the best decisions at every level of your operations. We will cover the best ways to measure the daily operations tempo and make adjustments using the Dispatch Operations reports, how to choose which lanes and customers to serve based on profit and how to help your staff make better decisions when they need to act.

Introduction to McLeod IQ

McLeod IQ allows for insight into your data, and it helps you make better data-driven decisions regarding both the Operational and Financial aspects of your business. We will cover the basic functionality of McLeod IQ by utilizing Microsoft’s Excel and Power BI. In class we will use these front end tools in order to analyze trends for a deeper understanding of lane analysis, driver revenue, carrier performance, customer history, and financial statements, by accessing the Asset Cube, Brokerage Cube, and the Finance Cube. This class is geared for new McLeod IQ purchasers pre-training, User Conference attendees that would like to have hands on exposure to McLeod IQ, new employees for existing McLeod IQ customers, or McLeod IQ customers that need a refresher in the very basics of McLeod IQ and using Excel and Power BI.

Data Insights with McLeod IQ

Take your McLeod IQ skills to the next level by focusing on advanced skills in Microsoft’s Power BI. This class will dive into common and advanced DAX codes; you will create your own custom measures and gain access to select data with predefined parameters and filters from the Asset Cube, Brokerage Cube, and Finance Cube. Learn about using date tables, importing data, incorporating Excel data, creating relationships, custom measures, and time series functionality. This advanced class is focused for existing McLeod IQ users, who are ready to become power users of the product.

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