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Providing Insight Into Your Data

Many of the challenges companies face today are related to the limited visibility into the factors that drive their business and not understanding a lot of the complex relationships or cause and effect relationships that exist in the business. The ability to capture and record information is not the problem.  The issue has become making sense of it by putting it in the context you need to understand it, and seeing the trends, both near term and short term.

Providing Insight That Matters

We developed McLeod IQ to provide insight into key indicators that are important to your business. With IQ Solutions you have the ability to access and analyze LoadMaster®, PowerBroker® and 3rd Party data with the reporting tool of your choice. McLeod IQ utilizes the Microsoft Business Intelligence stack to create a multidimensional cube that aggregates your important metric data in a way that is easy for you to understand, report and more importantly analyze it. The data cube architecture shows your important KPIs against any type of dimensional data (Example: Customer/Location/Driver) thereby showing you relationships and any correlations that are not normally easy to see from standard reports. McLeod IQ is built with flexibility in mind.  We understand the importance of being able to “slice and dice” the data and the ability to change the way you calculate your KPIs.  For example, if you have a KPI called Margin % by Ship Date and want to see it by delivery date it’s as simple as selecting the new date from the cube.  The data is captured at the lowest level to allow for drill down on the aggregated data meaning you can spot things at the summary level and drive deep into the details with ease

McLeod IQ also provides access to the data warehouse for users to pull in other data sources that may not be part of your McLeod system. The data warehouse structure is setup to provide a layout that is familiar to a LoadMaster/PowerBroker user. Report users can access the data warehouse directly and pull data into Microsoft Excel or other 3rd party applications with the understanding of the data relationships. Both the cube and the data warehouse use a copy of the production environment to help minimize any potential impact on the performance of your server. 

Discover Trends

Do you have the ability to see important trends in your business? Do you have a good understanding of your lanes, what carriers you should not be using, and how long it takes to go from order to cash? McLeod IQ provides several key measures that can be setup to show trends and help you forecast and plan for growth. Having the ability to see fluctuations and trends early on in the process can help you make adjustments in time frames that make a difference in the outcome.  You also have the option to define your own goals within the reporting layer or utilize the goals set within the LoadMaster/Powerbroker application to be pulled into the cube for trending and analysis.  The refresh of the dashboards and reports can be configured according to your cube refresh schedules and system architecture allowance.

Taking Action

McLeod IQ Solutions gives you the ability to see things that should influence critical decisions about your business.  Criss Wilson, with Barton Logistics states, "The cube allowed Barton Logistics to mine the transaction data to discover the patterns associated to the business that was not generating target margin.  Once we understood what was costing us money, we began to understand the reasons why.  Once the reasons why were known, we changed our approach, our thinking around it, and our processes that supported it. The business in question moved from unprofitable to profitable as our actions took effect.  The action items ranged from: adaptive (new processes); to corrective (process do-over/fixes); to perfective (graphic measurement of results). Combined we're making money on a range of transactions where once we didn't."  McLeod also offers business intelligence consulting to help you understand the key factors that drive your business and assist with setting up interactive dashboards and reports.

Trust Your Data

Have you ever wondered where those report values are coming from? With McLeod IQ Solutions, you gain access to the aggregated cube and data warehouse and also receive detailed documentation that shows you exactly what information is available and where it is coming from within the LoadMaster/PowerBroker System. You will be able to validate the report data using the documentation to view the source data and ensure accuracy of your reports. The documentation also provides instruction on how to produce dashboards and reports using Microsoft Excel and Power BI.