McLeod Helps Brokers Master the Less-than-Truckload World


PowerBroker LTL Module Provides the Tools Brokers Need to Handle LTL Freight

By Clint Hardy, McLeod Software Regional Sales Manager

McLeod has the perfect solution for PowerBroker users who operate in both the truckload and the less-than-truckload worlds—PowerBroker LTL. This module gives you the tools you need to meet both the TL and LTL requests from your customers, and it works within the PowerBroker system that is familiar to everyone on your staff.

More and more brokers report that shippers want a one-stop shop for their shipping needs, which means handling not just truckload freight, but LTL as well. By adding LTL capabilities to your PowerBroker system, you reduce the risk of losing customers to other brokers who are already handling LTL freight. This also makes it possible to reach out to a new set of customers who are looking for full-service brokerages. The end result is more revenue for your business.

Master the Challenges of Brokering LTL Freight

• SPEED—Capture customer shipping requests faster.
PowerBroker LTL includes a rating engine that can manage contracted discounts for carriers and markups for customers. The rating engine also factors in transit times, accessorials, and specified carrier qualifications to help the broker match the best carriers with the customer’s shipping requests.

• PROFITABILITY—See the carrier cost and customer mark-up with every order.
PowerBroker LTL gives brokers the ability to see the buy rate, sell rate, markup, profit and margin for each potential carrier and customer.  In other words, they know exactly what the cost, profit and margin will be as the order is taken.

• FLEXIBILITY—Calculate rates according to the specific needs of the customers.
PowerBroker LTL offers a wide range of flexibility for calculating rates. In addition to origin, destination, and commodity, rates can be based on a variety of other specific aspects of the order, such as weight, linear foot, cubic volume, container type, and pallet.

• COMPARE RATES—View carrier base rate data.
Utilize the PowerBroker LTL rating interface in conjunction with carrier rate data from SMC3, 3GTMS, and Banyan to benchmark the base pricing of multiple carriers and negotiate discounts that will result in competitive rates for your customers and good profit margins for the brokerage.

• CARRIER SELECTION—Streamline the carrier selection process.
When the order is entered, PowerBroker LTL displays all of the qualified carriers along with the rates (buy and sell) and the shipment details on a single screen. With just a glance you can compare carrier rates and transit times.

• ACCESSORIAL COSTS—Manage accessorial costs.
LTL carriers have a long list of potential accessorial charges. The module simplifies the work of ensuring that the proper accessorials are selected for the pick-up and delivery and the associated costs are included in the quote or order.

• WEB PORTAL—Provide a self-service web portal for customers.
PowerBroker LTL provides customers with a web portal for getting quotes, placing orders, and tracking and tracing shipments. Customers can securely log onto the broker’s website and conduct business online at any time of the day or night. After a customer enters their shipping information, the system will auto-rate the freight and provide a list of qualified carriers along with the transit times and associated customer costs. When a carrier is selected from the list by the shipper, PowerBroker LTL can send the load to the carrier instantly via EDI. It’s self-service shipping for people who prefer to do business online instead of over the phone.

McLeod Wants to Help You Do More for Your Customers

The trend in the freight transportation industry is expansion of services and for many brokers this means moving into the world of less-than-truckload freight. With the PowerBroker LTL module, PowerBroker users can manage truckload and LTL within one system.

PowerBroker provides all the tools needed to meet the challenges of running a full-service brokerage operation. The entire rating and carrier selection process is now automated and streamlined so that you can respond more rapidly to your customers. The web portal gives customers the ability to place orders around the clock. By giving your customers more efficient service, you become more competitive and more profitable. In these ways and more, PowerBroker LTL helps to position your business for success in today’s rapidly changing brokerage marketplace.


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