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McLeod Market Insight

Market Insight is a private pricing index and marketplace available only to McLeod Software customers running LoadMaster and/or PowerBroker. It collects pricing data every evening to deliver one of the best and most meaningful sources of current lane pricing information available in our industry.

Load Matching

PowerBroker users at Market Insight subscriber companies can selectively post available loads, and they will quickly be available on the order planning boards of LoadMaster users at carrier customers who subscribe to Market Insight. The carrier can view the available loads via the Equipment Match Screen and then negotiate with the broker on the posted load that best fits their available tractor.

With the Rate Index Calculator, users can enter a point of origin, a destination, and a trailer type to see the average spot pay and billed rates posted by other McLeod companies participating in Marketing Insight, as well as their own rates.

The Rate Index Screen gives users insight into the average spot pay and billed rates posted by other McLeod companies participating in Market Insight, as well as the user’s own spot pay and billed rates, based on point of origin, destination, trailer type, and date range.

The Capacity Detail Screen gives users insight into the number of available trailers belonging to other McLeod customers in a given location with a selected date range.

Insight Into Current Market Pricing

The Bulk Rate Index Tool in Market Insight gives the user complete understanding of the average linehaul rates on several lanes at once.

Market Insight History Results gives the user the ability to compare up to 4 rate types by the 4 trailer types in a given market (inbound or outbound), and date range.

Automated Interaction within Your McLeod System

Because the Market Insight application is tightly integrated with your LoadMaster or PowerBroker system, there is no external interface to purchase or implement. Your users never have to leave the screens they work in every day to interact with Market Insight.

Deal with the Best Carriers and Brokers in the Industry

McLeod customers who are carriers or brokers in North America are the best run companies in the industry. Because this exchange is only available to those companies, users of Market Insight will experience much higher quality interactions with consistently better trading partners than public boards can offer for the transactions you pursue.