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McLeod Logix eForms

In the age of electronic signatures, is your company still stuck using paper, faxes, and file trays?

If so, it is time to break out and automate your critical contract processes with McLeod Logix eForms.

McLeod Logix eForms is a complete solution for transforming paper contract processes into electronic workflows and eliminating the paper handling, manual signing, and mountains of faxes that complicate high volume inter-company transactions. Logix eForms can be used for Rate Confirmations, Carrier Onboarding, Rate Quotes, hiring documents, yard inspection reports, customer surveys and many other paper processes.

Logix eForms is a big hit with our customers because it cuts the timeframe and reduces the labor involved in: sending eForms, managing sent eForms and receiving eForms.

Sending eForms

The ability to easily send, receive and complete eForms is critical to any eForm solution. Sending eForms is as easy as sending an email for the sender and the recipient. Logix eForms are:

  • Template-based and can contain the McLeod system data and fields needed for your business process
  • Able to be sent to multiple parties for signatures based on the order you specify
  • Secure and have built in encryption to insure that your transactions and documents remain confidential between you and the intended recipients
  • Easy to complete in a browser on any device

Managing Sent eForms

Visibility into the eForm status is very important to the efficiency of the eForm business process. Logix eForms puts managing your sent eForms in your control by:

  • Allowing you to specify reminders to reduce the time involved in follow up
  • Allowing you to specify expirations to ensure eForms are completed based on your timeframe
  • Providing several reports to manage accepted, declined, expired and open eForms that you have sent

Receiving eForms

Receiving and processing the eForms is handled automatically by Logix eForms. Upon receipt of the eForm, Logix eForms can:

  • Retrieve field data from the eForm to update LoadMaster, PowerBroker or other systems or use the field data to route the form to the appropriate workflow queue for a user to review
  • Send a signed copy to the recipient for their records
  • Store the eForm in DocumentPower for later retrieval

Logix eForms is a standalone application, tightly integrated with McLeod LoadMaster and PowerBroker that employs critical components of McLeod’s proven DocumentPower imaging and FlowLogix electronic workflow management tools to bridge the gap between paper and human activity based processes to totally electronic automated processes that leverage all the capabilities of email and the web to deliver simple and reliable business process automation.