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Leverage Your Mobile Comm Investment


Use McLeod's Symphony Module to Integrate Your Mobile Comm System with LoadMaster®

By Robin Hamlin, Project Manager

Carriers of all sizes are making use of mobile comm units in tractors and trailers, but many of these trucking companies are failing to fully leverage their investment in this technology. Mobile comm data can be extremely valuable for improving performance across the enterprise, but there’s no easy way to make full use of this data if the mobile comm system is not integrated with the dispatch system.

McLeod’s Symphony Mobile Communications module allows you to automate the delivery of mobile comm data to the LoadMaster dispatch system. All of the information can be viewed from one screen, so critical data is at the fingertips of your operational personnel. They can manage their work much more efficiently. The result is that you get more capabilities and business value than you could from either system by itself. It’s truly a case of 1+1=3.

Here are some of the ways mobile comm integration brings value to your business:

Load planning
Load planners gain easy access to position data provided by the mobile comm units, so they can find the nearest tractor to each load quickly. This reduces deadhead miles and saves driving time. Without the Symphony module, load planners would need to work in two systems to have access to all of the data needed to make the best matches. Going back and forth between the mobile comm system and LoadMaster is much more work. Given the time pressure to assign loads quickly, it’s a big advantage to have position data right there in the LoadMaster screens.

Hours of service
Mobile comm technology includes the ability to record hours of service (HOS) data through electronic on-board recorders (EOBRs). Integration allows you to bring the EOBR data into LoadMaster, so you can see where each driver stands in terms of HOS. You can use this data to plan more effectively and match the right driver to the right load. You reduce the chance that a driver will run out of available hours and cause a load to be delayed unexpectedly.

Customer service
Integrating your mobile comm system with LoadMaster frees up time for your operations personnel, because they no longer have to enter all of the mobile comm data manually. This means that they can give more of their time and attention to tasks throughout the day that raise the level of customer service being delivered. Integration of mobile comm real-time position data within the LoadMaster ETA/OOR module also makes it easier to track load progress, and aids in taking proactive steps to address late loads and avoid service failures. 

More efficient load planning and dispatching improves life for drivers. Integration means that you can see their HOS and their current location on your dispatch screen, so you can give them the loads that fit their needs and availability. Your drivers get the miles they seek and the loads get delivered on time.

Get Your Full ROI
Mobile comm technology has proven to be indispensable for trucking companies today, but if you don’t have this system integrated with your dispatch system, you’re not getting the full return on your investment. Bringing these two systems together by integrating the mobile comm data into your LoadMaster application gives you the benefits of 1+1=3. Freed from the burden of needing to pull data from two systems to manage and operate your business, you’ll be able to take your company to significantly higher levels of service, efficiency, and profitability.