KSM & McLeod Software Operations Performance Benchmarking Project

McLeod Software and Katz, Sapper & Miller (KSM) have come together to create a joint project to provide an operations-level benchmark for the trucking industry. This initiative seeks to break new ground in giving truckload carrier companies the opportunity to measure the real performance of their operations against their peers. Our benchmarking initiative is designed to be complementary to other benchmarking initiatives in the industry.

We are offering truckload carriers across the United States and Canada the opportunity to submit their results and data for the calendar year 2016 for a number of operations functions. Katz, Sapper & Miller, one of the leading CPA practices in the United States, will accept this information under the terms of our confidentiality agreement, and compile a report to ensure that each participant’s data remains confidential and completely anonymous in the final report.

In exchange for each carrier’s participation in this benchmark study, carriers will receive a copy of the final benchmark report, which includes the high, low, median and average values for each benchmark category, as well as the group qualification parameters to allow for comparison of their results on each benchmark to those of their actual peer group. A sample of the benchmark report is available upon request.

2017 Best Practices Conference

The first 100 participants in the 2016 benchmarking program will be invited to attend a best practices conference scheduled for May 2017. This networking and peer-to-peer best practice session will provide valuable takeaways for attendees on how peer carriers are reaching their operational goals.

What do we need to do to participate in the program?

Those companies who would like to participate in the 2016 benchmarking program must collect and submit their data to KSM via a pre-formatted spreadsheet, and ensure that their data meets the strict definitions set out in our benchmarking data collection documents.

For McLeod Software customers running LoadMaster 11.0 or later, a special report can be installed on your system to generate the benchmark project outputs and automate your data collection process.

For non-McLeod customers, we will provide the data collection document, the definitions, and a copy of our confidentiality agreement to you upon request. The deadline for submissions to be included in the 2016 benchmark report is January 31, 2017.

Additional assistance will be available to current KSM clients and current McLeod system customers to help them prepare this report for submission to the benchmarking program.

A Look at Operating Metrics

Our benchmarking survey of operating metrics examines several aspects that are common performance indicators for every truckload carrier.

  • Revenue miles, rates and surcharges
  • Fuel consumption, expense, purchasing and efficiency
  • Equipment counts and actual utilization

Where do we really stand?

And to create the truly valuable peer comparisons, we will segregate the benchmark data by several criteria that give carriers the chance to compare their metrics with their true peer group.

  • Carriers of a similar size
  • Carriers with the same equipment types
  • Carriers with a similar length of haul

If you would like a sample of the benchmark report, please click here and we will be happy to send one to carriers who have an interest.

What can we do with this benchmark?

It is a problem for most carriers that they don’t clearly see how they stack up against similar companies in many of these operating metrics. The goal of the KSM & McLeod Benchmarking Project is to begin to give truckload carriers a better picture of their relative performance in these areas than has previously been available.

This sort of benchmarking information needs to provide a call to action for you and your company. By understanding how you rank against your peers in each of these operating categories, you understand where there is real room for operations performance improvement.

For more information about preparing the benchmark submission, a generic sample of the benchmark report, or to join the program please connect with us, or contact Tim Almack at 317.580.2068 or talmack@ksmcpa.com.​


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