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Manage Sales Efforts from within PowerBroker and LoadMaster

By Taylor King and Kem Wallace, McLeod Software Customer Advocate

There’s one very simple and very powerful way to support your sales staff—put McLeod CRM in their hands.

The McLeod CRM module is simple to use because it’s part of the PowerBroker and LoadMaster systems. You don’t need an IT staff to run it. Personnel who are familiar with the McLeod Software environment can learn how to use McLeod CRM in almost no time, because it was built from the ground up on the existing databases for LoadMaster and PowerBroker. Headaches with redundant data entry and the need to synchronize external CRM systems are gone. All of the data is already in the system, so you don’t have to import anything. It’s automatically there.

And this CRM tool is powerful because it’s designed specifically for the transportation industry, it provides a complete 360-degree view of everything your sales team needs to know about prospects and customers, and it brings operations and sales together. McLeod CRM connects the dots by providing visibility from every angle.

For a perfect example of how simplicity and power come together, look no further than the Call List screen within McLeod CRM. This screen provides a single view for your sales team. It ensures that no one neglects prospects, customers, or the sales process. Highlight any customer or prospect on the screen and you’re just one click from quotes, quote history, bid history, contacts, orders, receivables, and credit and collections.

Expanded CRM Functionality

The newly released 12.2 versions of PowerBroker and LoadMaster offer a variety of new CRM functionality:
• Access more reporting—Look at sales activity, conversion rates, and pending activities for prospects and customers.
• Manage objections—Guide your sales team through tough questions and track how customers respond so that you can build a history of the most common objections.
• Track Vital Signs—Set goals for your sales efforts, then measure and monitor them in near real-time with the Vital Signs dashboard for CRM.
• Focus on locations—Look for new prospects for each salesperson based on locations.
• Conduct radius searches—Any member of your sales staff can quickly search the immediate vicinity to find opportunities and prospects nearby.
• Go mobile—McLeod CRM is every bit as mobile as you are. Just be sure your mobile device has McLeod Anywhere, and you’ll have access to all of the tools and data.

Notice: Valuable New Features Ahead

Future enhancements to McLeod CRM include costing reports and the ability to conduct customer surveys, plus we’ll be adding visibility into opportunity aging and prospect aging. In new versions you’ll be able to manage carrier prospects and view a one-page sales trip summary report. Also, look for advanced import capability to make it easier to bring critical data into the system.

Let McLeod Help You Increase Sales

The value of customer relationship management software is undisputed. Software tools significantly magnify the effectiveness of sales efforts. The question becomes which CRM product to use. The McLeod CRM module is designed specifically for the transportation industry and it brings the power of McLeod Software to the task.

By being completely native to PowerBroker and LoadMaster, McLeod CRM offers unmatched ease of use. All of the data and tools your sales staff needs are right there in a system familiar to everyone. If you want to see sales reach new heights, give your sales team the best tools that are available. Give them McLeod CRM.