UC2018 Future of Trucking Sessions

The Autonomous Truck and STAAC

Those who attended last year's User Conference heard Tom McLeod talk about our Smart Tractor as a Client (STAAC) initiative, which was just getting underway. In this session, we will present some ideas about how the integration of the autonomous truck with the home office dispatch system is likely to evolve, based on  brainstorming work that McLeod and the tractor manufacturers have collaborated on over the last year..

An API Driven Future

In this session, we will discuss the current and future role for API's, as they are used more in trucking for things such as load tenders, blockchain interactions, and data exchange. Learn how things the entire load tendering process may change in the future. We will also explore ways in which API's could be crucial in the blockchain environment.

Blockchain: Understanding What It Is

We will take the non-technical person through the basics of what blockchain is, what it is not, and how we see it emerging in our industry. If you don't understand Blockchain today, but want to, come to this session!

Blockchain: Where We are Headed

McLeod's Ken Craig, co-founder of the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA), and members of the BiTA staff will bring you up to date on the organization's efforts and progress in creating blockchain standards for the trucking industry.

LTL: Dimensional Pricing

Dimensional pricing has been a hot topic in LTL for many years now, and adoption is growing. In this session, we will explore how fast it is actually coming, the implications for carriers who are not yet using it, and how automation can contribute to realizing dimensional pricing.

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